Valentine’s Day – A day for rekindling love

All you beautiful people out there, the wait is over. The fabulous February is here. 

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of SaintValentine, has become a day of importance for lovers around the world. Most of the couples get engage or wed on this day or do something special that they can remember as it is a day of romance. Every year, on this day couples around the world celebrate the joy of togetherness. 

Getting ready for a hot Valentine’s Day date can be nerve wracking. Now, it is obvious that you want to look beautiful for your date. Whether you’re spending the day out or planning a candlelight dinner, it will be fun to primp a little to celebrate this day of love and romance. 

The joy of dressing is an art. The celebrations are incomplete without a little sparkly bling. Totally agreed that choosing the right attire really depends on where you are going. So, firstly set your plans and reservations then the right time comes to figure out what to wear! Edith Head said “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”. So gear up! And amp yourself up this valentines. 

Here are few style options for you-

If you’re going for a romantic dinner, then wear a formal outfit or an evening gown, team it up with a pair of heels and clutch purse to stand out in the crowd. If the plan is something interesting like heading for a movie, or a concert, then wear something little less formal but still attractive. For Example- A skirt and your favorite top and team up with simple studs or ear drops, wear a pair of fashionable heels and carry a sling bag to look more gorgeous. If you have planned for a picnic during the day, wear something more casual. If it’s a sunny day denim shorts, a cute top, gladiator sandals and sunglasses will do the trick or if you are thinking the day might get chilly, skinny jeans with fashionable top will add spruce to your style. Teaming the attire with heeled boots, shoes or ankle boots and a shoulder bag/purse could be the alternative. Irrespective of what your outfit is don’t forget to accessorize it with some jewelry! Coming to your hairstyle part if you have short hair, simply leave it loose and put in an accessory or two, like a flower or a cute hair band. Are you confused about the makeup, do not be! Do not apply much foundation, a more natural look will be perfect with subtle eye make-up on this Valentine’s Day. 

Treat yourself with these tips and look stunning and earn scores of new admirers  Most importantly be yourself!!!

Wish you a Happy Valentine’s day!