Get the Perfect Look with Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery just a click away! Yes, this is an era of smartphones and internet and online shopping is a delight; more so if it’s with your favorite brand “Acsentials”. Acsentials has all the solutions for online fashion jewellery shopping. All you must do is to visit the online store and place an order for your favorite fashion jewellery piece. Your order will be delivered at your doorstep without much hassle. Place your order right now, and enjoy your shopping experience with the brand.

Some of the fashion jewellery pieces have been described below:

1. Hearts Apart Silver Ring

This open Hearts Apart Silver Ring is a killer. The pattern is trending these days and a huge favorite among young women. If you are a man, then you may present this beauty to your lady love with a song, “I love you to the moon and back”, and then see the magic weave around her lovely finger. The two hearts are artistically done in crystals with one round crystal perched neatly a little away from the hearts. The ring has a silver finish, which makes the crystals look even more striking.

INR: 499.00

Hearts Apart Silver Ring

2. Pearl Party Earrings

These Pearly Party Earrings will never leave you disappointed. They can make any ensemble look lavish because they look so beautiful and shine so brightly. These earrings are danglers with three pearls attached to a string chain. The pearls are of varying sizes, which creates an element of drama. A perfect wear for any party. Pearls are very versatile and can be worn with any outfit or occasion. They look simple yet grand.

INR: 699.00

Pearl Party Earrings

3. Multi-colored Bangles – Set

Let the kaleidoscope of colors make merry on your beautiful hands with the lovely multi-colored bangles set especially brought for you by Acsentials. The set includes bangles which come in different hues, just like a rainbow – silver, pink, yellow, red, blue green, purple, and orange. There are few bangles in each color. These bangles can be teamed up with any traditional attire. The colors are so vibrant that they will make even a simple outfit look brighter.


Multi-colored Bangles

4. Sleek Gold Choker Necklace

This Sleek Gold Choker Necklace is a timeless beauty that shines as a celebration of you. This piece easily transitions from morning to evening, from chic to glamorous. You can wear this choker for any daytime event and for late evening parties. It will look equally good at both the times as it is very much suitable for both day and night wear. The design has been kept simple. It stands out as a bold statement jewellery . It can be worn with any solid-colored outfit but will look best with white, red, and black.

INR: 249.00

Sleek Gold Choker Necklace

Acsentials is a renowned fashion jewellery brand that caters to the entire family’s need of fashion jewellery and accessories. It ensures that it has something for men, women, and kids pertaining to any age group. Acsentials believes in class and therefore the products sold by it are nothing but classy. Hence, if you have been looking for a jewellery brand that gives the best in terms of design, quality, and price; then you must visit the online fashion jewellery store of Acsentials. You can also get a glimpse of its products by following Acsentials on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Feel Special with Ethnic Bracelet

Ethnic Bracelets immediately draw attention to the beauty of your wrists. Women of all ages and times have worn this piece of artistic jewellery and felt special about it. Marilyn Monroe to Melania Trump, Cleopatra to Lady Diana wore bracelets to make themselves look chic and beautiful. Ethnic Bracelets are hot favorites as they appear effortless and can be worn with any ethnic outfit.Each Ethnic Bracelet by Acsentials is dramatic in style, quality, and price. Here some of the most beautiful bracelets have been highlighted just for you.

1.Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Kada

This Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Kada is a delight to wear for any festive occasion or a grand function. This will look great on any traditional attire like a saree, a heavy salwar kameez, or lehenga. This bold Kada can also be worn with a white, red, or black classy gown. This Kada has a broad pattern with Kundan pieces set together in the shape of a flower. The white and gold finish gives it a very rich look. It is a highly sophisticated ethnic bracelet for women who want to dress up in class.

INR: 5,999.00

kada, Acsentials, bracelet
Gold Plated Kundan Kada

2.Pair of Kundan Studded Gold Plated Antique Bangles

A perfect blend of Kundan stones and gold that lends the wearer an elegant and unique look. There is nothing to beat this beautiful pair of bangles as they are very pretty and charming. Kundan stones have their natural subtle shine which makes the bangles look gracious. This is a very versatile bangle bracelet as it can be worn with any outfit. A perfect wear for a perfect you!

INR: 1,899.00

3.A Beautiful Pair of Gold Plated Antique Kundan Bangles

Women both young and old can wear this Beautiful Pair of Gold Plated Antique Kundan Bangles. The design has been kept simple yet striking. The bangle shaped bracelets look delicate and can be worn daily as well. The Kundan stones have been neatly arranged in the center of the bangles. The Kundan stones add a beautiful sparkle to them.

INR: 1,199.00

4.A Set of Stylish Silver Metal Bangles

Here comes a set of bangles in oxidized silver finish to give your ethnic ensemble the much-needed sheen. The young girls and women can jazz up in these stylish bangles to look different in the crowd. The bangles can be worn both in the day and night as silver finish never fails to create an impact at any time of the day. Let your hands create some magic with these stylish silver metal bangles.

INR: 399.00

Acsentials, silver bangels
Silver Metal Bangles

Acsentials has earned a reputation of being a trustworthy brand of high quality and reasonable prices. It is renowned for its unsurpassed jewellery designs. Acsentials loves to deliver both traditional, modern, and innovative designs to its customers. It makes great effort to get the best of the lot for you! So, if you have still not shopped with Acsentials, then shop now! You don’t know what you are missing. You can visit the brand’s website to make your purchase. You can also follow us on social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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