Top 7 Cufflinks for your Dad on this Father’s Day

We are all celebrating this fabulous time of the year – ‘Father’s Day’ that we heartily dedicate to our dearest Fathers for the loving bond that we share. It is needless to say that our eyes are on all the things he is fond of. Here are top 7 cufflinks to gift him and show our gratitude and immense love on this special day.

Understanding your emotions and sentiments, we at Acsentials, gathered an adorable collection of stylish and unique Cufflinks made with elements of Swarovski, to add to your Father’s handsomeness and magnetism as he deserves the best!

1.Metallic Shine Royal Blue Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks:

Let your dad shine bright with these bright glossy royal blue Swarovski crystal cufflinks with a shiny metallic base. These cufflinks are capable of turning all eyeballs towards it. Your dad will love the look with white, blue or black shades.

Cufflinks, Swarovski, Acsentials
Royal Blue Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks

2.Faux Diamond Studded Clear Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks:

Add shine to your Father’s style with these classy clear Swarovski crystal cufflinks decorated with glittering faux diamonds studded on a shiny metallic base. These color independent cufflinks are a match to every color he wears and so a must have in his closet.

Cufflinks, Swarovski, Acsentials
Faux Diamond Studded Clear Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks

3.Grand Swarovski Crystal Trio Party Cufflinks:

If your Father desires for a grand classy party look, then his desire meet its contentment here as we present to you these majestic cufflinks embossed with three square Swarovski crystal stones and a royal blue oval crystal stone at the top to give it a crown look. The crystals display a tinge of color splash and look perfect for any party.

Cufflinks, Swarovski Crystal, Acsentials
Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks

4.Brilliant Shine Swarovski Crystal Trio Stylish Cufflinks:

Gift these glittery cufflinks of a trio of Swarovski crystals of combinational colors with a clear crystal at the center and two lightly tinged golden crystals on a bright shiny metallic cuboidal base designed only with the intention to increase glamour in his persona.

Cufflinks, Swarovski Crystal, Acsentials
Swarovski Crystal Stylish Cufflinks

5.Classic Octagonal Clear Crystal Swarovski Elements Cufflinks:

Is your Father in love with the classics and believe that they are always trendy? Then grab these cufflinks that would surely match his taste and he would look magnificent. The clear crystal Swarovski elements allow you to pair them with any color shirt. These are sure to be loved by your dad.

Cufflinks, Swarovski Elements, Acsentials
Octagonal Clear Crystal Swarovski Elements Cufflinks

6.Humble Violet Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks:

Gift these radiant violet Swarovski crystal cufflinks and intensify your Father’s content and joy, as these beautifully crafted cufflinks with a bright color and decked up with shimmering faux diamonds are extremely catchy and stylish. Make him wear these with white or lighter shades for the best looks.

Cufflinks, Swarovski Crystal, Acsentials
Violet Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks

7.Vivacious Pink Crystal Swarovski Elements Cufflinks:

Looking for a Royal color for your Father, then go for this royal pink Swarovski crystal cufflink spangled with shimmering faux diamonds to steal his heart away.

Cufflinks, Swarovski Elements, Acsentials
Swarovski Elements Cufflinks

Whatever be your taste, we are sure to have something for you in our exclusive collection at Acsentials, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


When To Wear Swarovski Cufflinks From Online Stores

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There is a constant debate of unfairness between the choices of clothes that men and women have. Women have a lot more styles for work, while men have to choose between suits, tuxedos, shirts, and ties. However, there is a very important element of men’s formal attire, and that is Swarovski cufflinks. This replaces the plain and boring button that holds in a shirt’s cuffs around a man’s wrists.

Generally, there are two situations where men may require cufflinks, which are work and social. Each setting has diverse guidelines for when to wear them.


Men do not need to wear cufflinks at work every day. A simple shirt with buttoned cuffs is suitable most of the time. Since cufflinks are a formal option, it may lead to awkward work environments as it may set some employees apart from others. However, senior personnel and executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, and Managing Directors, generally wear cufflinks normally as wearing them sends powerful vibe to their subordinates.

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Men mostly consider wearing cuff links when meeting clients or when attending formal events, such as conferences. While there is no particular rule, men ought to wear cufflinks in work-related meetings, especially when they are conducting business with the outside world.


In formal social settings, it is even more appropriate for men to wear cufflinks. During formal social events, like galas, receptions, weddings, and parties, men can wear cufflinks. Indeed, we expect men to take their style up a notch and go beyond just buttons when they go shopping for jewellery for men. Swarovski cufflinks add an element of pristine and elegance to a man’s outfit. 

Image Source: Swarovski cufflinks online
An important requirement to wearing Swarovski cufflinks, regardless of what the setting is, is to ensure that the Swarovski cufflinks are classy. Some jewellery can be tacky and have too much bling, but cufflinks made with Swarovski Crystals by Acsentials are normally classy. Swarovski Cufflinks should not overpower one’s overall appearance and style. As long the cufflinks are worn well, they can power transform any outfit from good to suave. is an online jewellery shop for accessories that pride themselves in understanding the needs of our customers and making sure that they are satisfied with their shopping experience with us. We have the best of accessories from around the world. Visit the website to know more, or follow Acsentials on Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and other social networking sites!