On Mother’s Day

“Mom”, “Maa”, “Ammi”, it’s not just a word, but an exquisite feeling which does not need any expression. A mother and her child share a bond which is not just connected with the birth cord, but an ever-enduring chord of love, care, and friendship that binds them together.

The very first word we learn to utter is “Maa”, and since then whenever we reach home the very first person we search for is our mother, whether we need something or not, we want her to be around us. Be it pain, pleasure, happiness or tiredness, “Maa” is the word that comes naturally as a sigh of relief. Likewise, our mother whose job never ever ends deserves the best of care and attention, which gradually starts to shrink as we get busy with our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day

She is that superwoman in our life who is invincible, and stands strong like a rock and bears any hardship that befalls us. Holding on our hands, she taught us to walk, prepares the best dishes, and has spent sleepless nights just to make sure we sleep well, she helps us complete our assignments and projects, and when we grow up and leave our home for work and education, she is that one person in the entire universe who always remains concerned about our well being.

Whether she is a working woman or switching roles from a mother to a wife, daughter, and sister, she knows best, the art of balancing and multitasking. While she prepares her presentation she responds to the never ending tantrums of everybody in the house, she did not even bothered when her make up pouch got replaced with the essential needs and diapers of her baby or when her “me time” got blurred amongst the files of her office and household chores.

Mother’s Day

She is that person who laughs and dance with us and at the same time punishes us for all our wrong doings. At times she is our best friend and the other moment she is our teacher. She gives us life, nurtures us and guides us through every stage of life. Words cannot define the selfless love she showers on her kids, because her unconditional love knows no bounds.

While we look for motivation and inspiration in our everyday life, we often fail to observe the role played by our mother’s. An exemplary role model, who silently teaches us how to shoulder all the responsibilities, manages time, cares for everyone and never fails to kiss her baby good night.

“She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it
Look like a pair of wings.”


All her life she prepares her child to face the world, and when her child is able to do so, she is the happiest person in the world. In return what she seeks is a small conversation and a warm hug, a gesture that makes her feel loved and cared about.

It’s not only about this special day, called Mother’s Day but the special person whom we ought to celebrate, cherish and honour every day and every moment. At times we may argue, have different opinions or can’t give enough time, but at the end of the day, this relationship upholds such a bond, that in the entire universe we can only find peace when we snuggle in our mother’s lap.