Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Kundan Jewellery

Jewellery was one luxury that was more often than not reserved for the first class citizens. It was the royalty, the upper class or the aristocrats who were usually the ones owning beautiful adornments and pieces of regalia. There was once a time, when it was the jewellery that you flaunted, which determined your status on the social ladder of that region. No wonder then we have got a whole treasure trove of beautifully designed, exquisite jewellery pieces left behind by our Rajas and Ranis of the golden era.

The monarchical times of Indian history are fondly remembered for quite a lot of reasons like for instance, their contribution to military, cavalry and strategy, food and many more. But one thing that makes every imperial enthusiast nostalgic is the jewellery that was flaunted by the men and women of that golden era. Elaborately designed priceless pieces of jewellery which were potent enough to leave the onlookers speechless by playing at the strings of their hearts and minds. This pieces of jewellery exuded not just elegance but power and majestic value of pieces.

Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Set

Kundan was considered to be one of the techniques of jewellery making where pieces of jewellery were encrusted from the treasuries of the royal kind. While it does belong to the historic times, this technique has both evolved and adapted itself to be quite relevant in the present day modern times. Kundan jewellery with its simple and elegant design is even today able to steal the hearts of many, which is why you see it majorly in the wedding trousseau of today’s bridal parties. Due to its great appeal it still remains one of the most sought after jewellery pieces available on the tradition jewellery scene.

This technique in its present form today must have had its humble beginnings in the times of the kings who usually were used to plundering other kingdoms and looting their treasury. The technique in its most nascent form involved encrusting of precious and non-precious stones and making jewellery pieces like necklaces, chokers and so on. The word Kundan, is usually referred to when we talk about pure, molten gold.

In this technique of jewellery making, what basically happens is, this molten gold is used for filling the gaps once the stones or glass or polki are set in the design frame. In the earlier times, kundan jewellery only involved uncut diamonds. One could imagine why the general public then was unable to have an access to the same. Soon in order to make these jewellery pieces more affordable, the artists began to make use of glass instead of diamonds. This was the turning point which actually gave rise to two different lineages of jewellery. The kundan jewellery and the polki jewellery.

Gorgeous Kundan Choker Set

The difference between the two styles is that polka still uses the uncut, natural diamonds in jewellery making whereas kundan jewellery mostly uses the other semi-precious stones available as well as glass and sometimes is versatile enough to make use of even the polki. This technique was at its peak especially during the Mughal times and today, we still see the North West side staking major claim in the manufacturing of this kind of jewellery. Especially places like Bikaner, Jaipur and Rajasthan have come to become the hubs of manufacturing kundan jewellery.

Today when it comes to any ceremonial function, especially weddings and so on, kundan jewellery is almost always considered to be a must have. There are quite a few popular pieces that happen to be the most sought after ones. The most loved, would hands down, be the chandrabali or the crescent earrings. These beautiful adornments are to die for, especially the chunkier ones which are mostly worn by celebrities and glitterati. There are many styles here like half crescent, full crescent and multi-tier ones which are quite in fashion today.

Another piece of jewellery would be the magnificent multi-layer kundan necklace. This is one trend that you most definitely must have noticed especially in trend for all the big bash events. There is just one simple rule to follow over here and that is, the more strings you have in your necklace the better for you, mainly because this piece of jewellery is literally all about amping up the drama.

When looking to buy pieces of kundan jewellery it is important for you to remember certain key pointers. Going for gold plated pieces of jewellery is always a great choice, mainly because they are both skin friendly and also last quite long. Brass and silver can also be some pocket friendly options you could opt for. Jewellery that has proper finishing work done on it is the kind of jewellery you must opt for. This is also known as meenakari work or just plain old enamelling.

Choose pieces which even if not real, those which should not look cheap or glassy. Look for pieces like rhinestone, cubic zirchonia and other such clear crystals which will give your jewellery a luxurious and rich look. Buy heavier pieces as opposed to light pieces of jewellery which will be both dark in shade and look extremely attractive on you.

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5 Tips to Follow While Accessorizing

Many women today face a huge question when they are out buying accessories which is, “Will this accessory look good on me?” Many more are always unsure of matching different accessories with each other and trying to complete their look. Let’s talk about a few instances that we have all faces, especially when it comes to getting ready for a big event. There are many confusions like whether wearing a ring and a chunky bracelet on the same hand will look good, or should you wear very shiny accessories with a beautiful printed dress or will a statement necklace without any earrings look good on. So many questions and dilemmas mainly result in layers of dust settling over those beautiful accessories you bought, but never were able to wear.

The point of having a huge variety of jewellery designs and varied accessories is that there are endless possibilities for you to look really very glamorous with different combinations of beautiful accessories. So for all of those confused and worried about what kind of accessories to wear and with what to pair them, here’s a huge help from our side.

Here’s a list of 5 very essential tips that you must follow for perfect kind of accessorizing

1. Balance is key

With whatever you wear and whatever you team it with, it is always important that you ensure a proper balance between your attire and accessories. So for instance when you wear a proper kind of necklace, ensure that you wear an outfit that will make the colours in the pendant stones pop out. If you happen to be wearing statement earrings then it is a best bet to avoid wearing any necklace at all so as it to make it shine. Did you know that scarves work amazing as accessories? There are these new trendy necklaces out there which are part scarves and getting one would be the best investment ever. One pro tip here would be standing in front of a full length mirror and looking yourself up and down to ensure that your attire is balanced, perfectly.

2. Sales are the best ever

Are you that friend who struggles to buy accessories, not because they have a bad taste in fashion, but mainly because they aren’t able to spare that kind of disposable income, required to buy fashionable, high end pieces of regalia. One amazing solution for all of your problems is just one word, sales! There are a lot of sales out there if you’ve got an eye to look out for the best ones. While of course you won’t be able to buy some amazing pieces of jewellery in these, but you can definitely invest in some amazing looking trinkets and bohemian purses, or pink hot scarves and the likes. It is always amazing to mix and match some expensive pieces of jewellery with some not so expensive pieces of jewellery.

3. Organization works amazing for your accessories

What is the point of having a lot of jewellery items, when you just won’t be able to wear them? This is why having some amazing organizing skills is one of the best things ever to have. Watch some organizing tutorials if you’d like, to inspire you to organize your room in a perfect pattern which would make you enthusiastic to flaunt them. You can even organize your pieces of jewellery in accordance of their colours and pendant sizes, this won’t just look alluring to you, but will also make you wear them almost every day. Putting these pieces of jewellery on hooks and jewellery hangers would make your jewellery look so very organized.

4. It’s All About The Earrings

For all of those wondering whether they should wear earrings on a statement, chunky necklace, here is a solution to dispel all your confusions. Basically it is all a game of distraction and attention. You must wear a kind of jewellery that gives you a proper and amazing look at the same time, accentuates your attire and gives you a head turning look. When you were a statement necklace, try wearing stud earrings or earrings which will help to accentuate your necklace and not distract attention from it.

5. All About Statement

Statement pieces of jewellery and accessories are those that help you look really good and amazing. These are pieces of regalia that don’t really need anything else to help them look good. There are a lot of accessories like bags, purses, scarves, necklaces, earrings, clips, headbands and so many more which work as statement pieces of jewellery. As a rule, these pieces have to be those that can make a bold statement. Think chunky, big, bling and sparkly pieces of regalia which will make you look really beautiful.

So now that you have these five tips as armour to help you dress really well, make sure that you make the optimal use of all of them. Most important tip though would be to choose the kind of jewellery that will look amazing and suit your personality and let it bloom.

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Complement yourself with the Beautiful Swarovski Element Earrings

Let complements flow your way with the earrings that frame your pretty face beautifully. The Swarovski Elements Earrings will make you stand out in the crowd like never. The most fabulous collection of Swarovski earrings has been brought by Acsentials especially for all the beautiful ladies out there who believe in making a statement. Choose from the wide range of Swarovski Elements Earrings Online from Acsentials to make your days and nights even more special.

There are stud earrings, elegant drop earrings, hoops, dangle cross earrings, and many more designs to suit every occasion and outfit. With numerous styles to make a choice from, it’s a bet that you are not going to stop at buying just a pair of earrings. You will always keep coming back for more.

Sea Green Crystal Gold Plated Finish Earrings Made with Elements from Swarovski

The pair looks magical because of the excellent quality of the Sea Green Crystals set in a flawless gold- plated finish. The gold plating has a matt finish which creates a perfect background for the awesome green-colored crystals. The set has a vintage look and will look amazing on a traditional attire. It can also be worn for family functions. It also looks awesome when worn as standalone piece.
INR: 2,999.00

Sea Green Crystal Gold Plated Finish Earrings

Brown Teardrop Earrings Made with Elements of Swarovski

“I’ll be there before the next teardrop falls” it’s the most amazing teardrop which anyone can own. This teardrop, light-brown colored crystal earrings have been made just for you. Make them yours before someone else falls for them. They are simple, elegant, and charismatic. The crystals look lovelier because of the tiny white crystals that gently caress them at the top. This pair of earrings will look just wow if you are looking for something chic yet light to wear.
INR: 2,699.00

Brown Teardrop Earrings

Silver Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

These earrings look magnificent because of their excellent cut and brilliance. They are shaped like large drops and with a beautiful silver cap which is again studded with small brilliant crystals. This pair will make even a simple outfit look outstanding. Ensure you have it to enhance your look.
INR: 4,999.00

Silver Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

Swarovski Elements Pink Crystal Drops Earrings

This is a beautiful piece to be worn with any traditional outfit. The earrings are in the shape of lovely pink crystal drops attached to a small flower motif with tiny Swarovski crystals. The gold, pink, and white weave a magic around your ears. Wear this to look special on any occasion.
INR: 2,399.00

Pink Crystal Drops Earrings

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Shop Online Ethnic Bracelets & Bangles for Your Lady Love

8th march is just around the corner for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about. We suggest you take out your planners and mark the date. It’s international women’s day. So, all the husbands and boyfriends who had completely forgotten may we remind you that your better halves are sure to be expecting their gifts and before you get into a full blown panic attack. We are here to tell you that you need not worry as we have got you covered. At Acsentials we have an array of eye catching bracelets for your BAE this season.



Gold Plated Antique Bangles

1. Bangle Sets

The Indian women have worn bangles with pride for over a centuries. It’s something that we inherited from our ancestors. Every Indian girl loves bangles and we know that. We have tons of bangle collection for you to choose from. There are steel bangles, sling bangles, bracelet cum bangle collection just to name a few. The good thing about these products is that they can be worn both at a traditional and an official event.



Sling bangles

2. Faux Bracelets

Well, just because you can’t afford her gold and diamond then, that doesn’t mean you can’t gift her fake ones. They just are just artificial by the name. Otherwise no one will be able to tell you the difference between the two. They are super sparkly and will make your girl shine even more. These bracelets will suit her very well at a wedding function or a festival celebration at home.



Faux Bracelets

  • Cuff Bracelets

These are super trendy pieces which are worn by all the top models and actress’s on the runway. It is a high bracelet with cut out designs. These pieces are highly in demand. So, if your girl is a fashion addict then I am sure she must be lusting after these already. So get a mega watt smile on her face by gifting her this in vogue piece.

3. Fake Leather Piece

This one is again extremely high on fashion and looks suave. So this is perfect for you if you are going for a night of clubbing or dinner with hubby.

Guaranteed. These bracelets will make you woman happy and she will shower you her love. These pieces are all very budget friendly and you will not even break your bank. They will be delivered to you on your doorstep so it also saves time. All in all were sure your girl will love her gift making you the best partner ever.

Fake Leather Piece

Fake Leather Bracelets

Acsentials.com is an online marketplace offering a variety of accessories and embellishments to achieve the perfect, head turning look. They pride themselves for being perfectly in sync with what their customers need. To know more follow them on their website acsentials.com and follow them on other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

American Diamonds are the Way to go when it comes to Bracelets and Bangles

American Diamond also known as Zircon, has had its origins in the Persian way of life and was considered as a charm of prosperity and wealth, during the olden days. There was a time when any piece of jewellery, which was made up of this diamond, was considered to be a good luck charm, for a person’s wealth, life, beauty and it was believed that, this diamond had the celestial charm of attracting enormous luxuries for the wearer. American Diamond has become quite famous, in today’s day and age as a quality substitute for the real diamond. Many women prefer wearing jewellery made up of American Diamonds, not only because of its uncanny resemblance to the real diamond, but also because it is very inexpensive and thus is most suitable for daily wear.

American Diamonds Bracelets and Bangles
American Diamonds Bracelets and Bangles

American Diamonds have become popular as AD jewellery these days and are also an indispensable part of the accessory collection for every woman out there. It is like women and Ad jewellery pieces literally go hand in hand. Although it is very true that a diamond, is a girl’s best friend, but what is also true, is the fact that these diamonds can cost a bomb. The best alternative hence, is the very famous American diamond, which comes in a number of colors, including blue, green, but most often in a natural and clear color. These crystals were previously known by their original name Zircon, which was soon replaced by the more commonly used alternative, mainly because it was easy for women all across the globe to add jewellery, made out of these beautiful diamonds to their collection of accessories.

American Diamonds Bangles
American Diamonds Bangles

While American Diamonds may not be as real as the real diamonds, they surely make for the closest imitation to them. Their cut and crystal like appearance and affordable price, was what made them so popular in the first place. While it is true that there is no resalable value for ad pieces of regalia, but they are definite favorites mainly for the aesthetic beauty that they add to various delicately crafted bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants and other such pieces of regalia. In spite of its Persian origins, these American diamonds were first formed in what was then known as, the Soviet Union and later on were perfected by an American firm in order to prove a worthy replacement for the beautiful diamond. While there are quite a few reasons for increasing demand for bangles and bracelets made of American diamonds, their beautiful shine and natural flashes of red and blue ensure that they stay as shiny and bright as any other crystal.

American diamonds are a hot favorite especially when it comes to bangles and bracelets. Bracelets have been a part of our lives, literally since forever and accompany us in every stage of our lives. What started off as friendship bracelets, good luck charms, charms bracelets, twinning bangles soon transformed into the beautiful and elegant bangle designs that help adorn our slender arms these days. The newest trend on the block is the one where you’re supposed to stack bracelets and bangles in a very attractive fashion so as to go with, whichever look you look best in. There are plenty of takers, especially when it comes to bracelets and bangles made out of American diamonds, because of the kind of elegance and sophistication they add to your style statement. In this fast paced world it’s possible to get your favorite accessory at the click of a button. Just go online and shop for ad bracelets and bangles and voila! Be the diva you’ve always wanted to be!

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Four Must Have Fashion Jewellery This Season!

Wearing fashion jewellery that comes from authentic online fashion jewellery stores can make you look fashionable and unique. Adding pieces of authentic jewellery to your entire attire is a superb way to make yourself look chic, casual and sophisticated. But, selecting the right piece can be quite daunting if you are not aware of the right accessory to buy. That’s fine, because we’ve got your back! At Acsentials, you will discover some of the best accessories that can bring out the best in you without you having to worry about anything. You can shop for some stupendous, simple, spectacular and colourful jewellery with just one click.


Image Source: Buy Funky Earring
Image Source: Buy Funky Earring

This is that time of the year when no woman can miss out on looking like a red carpet diva. So, it is a perfect time to include some colourful pieces in your jewellery box without going overboard on the budget. Just sit back on your couch and relax while you order some of the amazing stuff from Acsentials. Presenting you some of the best collections, here are some tips on how you should follow the trend and dazzle like a diva in your own way. Are you ready?

1. Butterfly Chain Ring

Image Source: The Butterfly Earrings
Image Source: The Butterfly Earrings

With this dazzling piece, you can inspire others to follow your fashion sense. This unique styled ring has diamonds attached with an elegant metal outline. This gives it not only an elegant look but also enhances the beauty of the diamond. You can wear it with a little black dress or an elegant one piece dress for a lavish evening. Since butterflies are loved by most women, this simple piece will catch attention of every eye ensuring that you are centre of attraction everywhere.

2. Silver Hoop Earrings

Image Source: Silver Hoop Earrings
Image Source: Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are one such accessory that can never go out of style. The beauty about hoops is that it suits every facial structure. These large silver hoops can be best teamed with an off shoulder top and rugged jeans for a causal day out. The versatility of these earrings knows no bounds either. Just like it can instantly rock a causal look, it can glam up an elegant evening look as well.

3. Black Chain Reaction Earrings

You can never leave out on a black earring from your jewellery box. These amazing pair has that extra oomph about it that can outshine even a dull outfit. Just pull your hair back and wear a deep neck dress with these earrings. And you are all set to groove that look in a party. They are long enough to brush your elbows softly while adding glamour to your face. Being long and bold black, it will naturally uplift your facial beauty.


Image Source: Black Chain Reaction Earrings
Image Source: Black Chain Reaction Earrings

4. Leather Bracelet

Looking to accessorize your wrist casually with your favourite tee and boyfriend jeans? These leather bracelets are a must have then! Its unique style and colour can make you confident enough to boast that causal look without going too overboard.

Image Source: Plain Fake Leather Bracelet
Image Source: Plain Fake Leather Bracelet

Acsentials.com is known for displaying the widest range of online fashion jewellery that can suit the likes of every woman. Be it a glamorous evening date or a causal day with your friends, we have everything in store for you. At affordable rates, every woman can buy something that she has always desired to own. In short, Acsentials is your go-to place for accessory shopping when you don’t have to worry about budget and keep your fashion game on point.

5 Reasons Why Every Girl Loves Her Clutch Bags from Online Shopping

When I had received my first salary, I used up the money at an expensive store and bought the most expensive clutch there was. It was part of an exclusive line and I was really excited about it. About an hour later on my ride home, I felt extremely guilty. Had I just spent my entire salary on a clutch?

Image Source : Gold Studded Clutch
Image Source : Gold Studded Clutch

That guilt, however, was short lived, and I started wearing it like my baby, my honour. It was a symbol of my new found independence and freedom. Ever since then, I have loved clutch bag shopping from online stores. They make me feel really happy. Who’s with me?

The Best Thing About clutch bags:

It’s classy – no matter what you wear, a beautiful clutch will always class things up. Whether it is a ball gown, sundress, or t-shirt and jeans, it looks great.

It’s the perfect fit – just like black shoes, clutches always go along with everything. They will never let you down, whether you are having a good day or bad.

Image Source: Black Velvet Clutch
Image Source: Black Velvet Clutch

It’s low risk – if you do not like wearing bold outfits like everyone else, then take a risk with accessories. This lets you be conservative, yet risky. A leopard clutch after all is far safer than a leopard dress. Al though, if you decide to carry a leopard clutch, then don’t wear any outfit that has animal prints. Keep your clutch bold and the rest of your outfit simple.

Image Source: Modern Black Clutch
Image Source: Modern Black Clutch

It’s size does not matter – whether you buy a big clutch or a small clutch bag online, it generally goes with everything. A rule of thumb for clutches is that bigger sizes are good for the day and smaller ones are perfect for evening parties. Bigger clutches tend to be favoured because EVERYTHING goes in. Makeup? Yes. Jewellery? Yes. Toy car? Yes. Mid-day snack? Yes!

It can be repeated – one of the written rules of the fashion world is that you should never repeat an outfit. However, with clutches, you can carry it as many times as you want. In fact, it is how they will remember you. You can’t say the same thing about a dress at a party.

Image Source: Classic Blue Clutch
Image Source: Classic Blue Clutch

It has been years since my first impulse clutch shopping and I still have it with me. Whenever I look back at it, I look back at all the memories I have had with it. Girls will always love their clutches because it is an extension of themselves.

Acsentials.com is an online jewellery shop for accessories that pride themselves in understanding the needs of our customers and making sure that they are satisfied with their shopping experience with us. We have the best of accessories from around the world. Visit the website to know more, or follow Acsentials on instagram, and other social networking sites!