Ethnicity On The Go; Buy Ethnic Necklaces From Acsentials

There are plenty of jewelry which one can flaunt at any time. Then there are some which are destined to be worn on special occasions, like the ethnic necklaces by Acsentials. The ethnic necklace depicts the tradition associated with the tribe. So where can you get your hands on an ethnic necklace? What are the characters to look before and after buying an ethnic necklace? Well,it’s not as complicated as it seems. Here are some of the things you can follow before buying and flaunting an ethnic necklace.

Know the Scenario of your visit

Ethnic wears like necklace vary according to ethnicity and gender. One must be aware of the place of visit and theme of the visit. If the party, for instance, is based on an Indian theme, it’s better for the party attendee to flaunt the ethnic wear of Indian origin. On the other hand, if the function is of non-Indian nature it is advisable to wear the jewelry according to necessity.

How and why to wear it?

Ethnic necklace and jewelry, unlike others, have a specific reason as to why they are shaped so and worn in a specific manner. So every bearer carries that extra responsibility to know something about why and how were they invented in the first place. This extra piece of information will come handy in many places.
Here are some of the ethnic necklaces that you can take to any occasion and feel special.

Antique Kundan Stone Studded Gold Plated Bridal Set

The gold plated Jewelry set comes with a beautiful scintillating necklace along with integrated earrings studded with fine quality Kundan Stones.

Antique Kundan Stone Studded Gold Plated Bridal Set

Graceful Antique Gold Plated Kundan Bridal Set

Designed with a beautiful antique gold plated jewelry set, this set of beauty encapsulates the touch of class. With a traditional set feature, it combines green stone, Kundan Studded necklace, matching earrings and a maangtika.

Graceful Antique Gold Plated Kundan Bridal Set

Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Set

Embellished with Kundan faux pearls and red stones, the exquisite design and finishing of this set piece include a gold plated necklace, Kundan, and a faux pearl set. This ethnic jewelry gives a stylish addition to your collection of jewelry.

Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Set

Elegant Traditional Gold-plated Antique Jewelry Set

This Acsentials collection highlights your traditional attire by giving the simple yet elegant look through its Kundan necklace set studded with charming stones. This alluring design comes with a pair of earrings, necklace, and a maangtika.

Elegant Traditional Gold-plated Antique Jewelry Set

We here at Acsentials, have an extensive collection of jewelry which ranges from necklaces, rings, bangles, bracelets and much more. These bewitching designs from Acsentials have highly been acclaimed by our happy buyers. Ethnic necklaces have a traditional and cultural importance in Hindu society, especially in India. Though these set pieces go by the name ethnic necklaces the combination of modern design and ethnic design are fit for any kind of occasion. Also, visit our website for more ethnic necklace designs at


Five Must Haves in Fashion This Eid 2017

After a month of prayer and humility, Eid is finally here and we are very excited about it. Eid, as we all know it, is all about coming together as a family and spending it with your loved ones. At family occasions, we all love to look good, and dress well for each other. After all, the selfies depend on it.

This year in Eid fashion, we have spotted specific trends. This year the look is a mix or traditional and modern, and in colours of silver and gold. Women are going for more heavy and shimmery jewellery as they go much better with Indian ethnic wear. Below are the top five must haves for Eid this year.

1. Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Earrings

Try gold plated earrings to pair with your traditional Eid attire. These earrings by Acsentials are gold plated and have kundan along with charming stones and faux pearls embellished on it. This mix between modern and traditional will add an additional dose of gorgeous to you.

Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Earrings

2. A Set Of Stylish Silver Metal Bangles

Who does not like silver bangles? This is a fashion trend that has never gone out of style. This set of stylish silver metal bangles by Acsentials will definitely set you apart from the others at the party. These sparkling and fabulous silver metal bangles are an excellent mix and match combination which you can even wear after Eid.

A Set Of Stylish Silver Metal Bangles

3. A beautiful pair of Gold Plated Antique Kundan bangles

Adorn your wrists with these beautifully-crafted Gold Plated kundan bangles and add a graceful charm to your ensemble. These gold plated kundan bangles especially look good for Eid for older women. They add a touch of elegance to your look.

Gold Plated Antique Kundan bangles

4. Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Set

This Gold Plated kundan necklace set will add a gorgeous glow to you this Eid. Elegantly designed and crafted, this set is perfect for those family gatherings. What is great about buying a traditional set is that it comes with matching pieces and so you never have to run around finding a complimentary pair.

Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Set

5. Gorgeous Kundan Choker Set

Classy and elegant, this golden traditional jewellery set, with a modern twist, will definitely enhance your appearance at family gatherings. We suggest a set which has a necklace, matching earrings and a maang tika. This will give you an elegant and ethereal look.

Gorgeous Kundan Choker Set

What are you going to shop from Acsentials for Eid this year?

Top Ethnic Bracelets and Bangles to Shop Online

It’s time to update your look. Explore some splendid ethnic bracelets and bangles that are adept for any occasion. If you want to enhance your look, then add some sparkle to your wrists. Well-manicured hands with the right bangle or bracelet will be enough to steal the show. Hence, if you want to be the center of attraction in any event, then you must shop online ethnic bracelets and bangles. Acsentials is the best place to shop from as it has an awesome collection of wrist wear. At Acsentials, you will come across wide range of designs to suit every occasion. Just have a glance at the website and you will surely get the bangle or bracelet of your choice. Some of the unique pieces of bangles and bracelets are mentioned as under.

1.Pair of Kundan Studded Gold Plated Antique Bangles

Ethnic bangles look gorgeous especially at traditional functions like weddings and festivals. The traditional look is incomplete without a matching pair of ethnic bangles. A woman who really knows how to carry herself will exactly know what to wear for an occasion. The pair of Kundan Studded Gold Plated Antique Bangles from Acsentials are a must have for anyone who loves ethnic jewelry. Each bangle has four rows of intricately set Kundan stones making them look divine. You must shop online ethnic bracelets and bangles.

INR: 1,899

bangles, acsentials
Gold Plated Antique Bangles

2.Beautiful Red and Gold Glass Bangles for Kids

It is a well-known fact that jewelry is the first love of any girl. The fascination for jewelry starts at a very tender age. It has been observed that colorful bangles intrigue the girls. The beautiful red and gold glass bangles have been especially designed for our very young customers. They are skin friendly and immense care has been taken to ensure that they are safe for the kids. Acsentials is known for its customer-friendly approach. If you shop online ethnic bracelets and bangles from Acsentials, then you are putting your kids into safe hands.

INR: 299

Red and Gold Glass Bangles, acsentials
Red and Gold Glass Bangles

3.Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Kada
If you are someone who wants to make a bold statement, then you must own this Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Kada. It is an intricate piece of art to be worn when you are feeling powerful, expressive, and independent. The kada is broad and hugs your wrist perfectly. It is a beauty and must be a part of your collection. Acsentials is the place where you will find this masterpiece.

INR: 5,999

Kundan Kada, Gold Plated, acsentials
Gold Plated Kundan Kada

4.A Set of Stylish Silver Metal Bangles
The bangles are very stylish and can be worn with any traditional attire. The college girls can team them up with their outfit. The oxidized look of the bangles make then appealing. They are traditional yet modern and hence can be worn for both casual and traditional occasions. The bangles have a smooth glazed finish on the top that make them look classy. Shop for them online by visiting the Acsentials website.

INR: 399

Bangles, Silver Metal, acsentials
Silver Metal Bangles

Acsentials is synonymous with class and quality. You can never go wrong with Acsentials and their jewelry. The products sold by Acsentials undergo quality check before they are sold to the customers. The company ensures that the products are of excellent quality. They do not compromise on the quality or the price of their products. Priority is given to customer’s satisfaction; therefore, you can completely trust the brand and shop online ethnic bracelets and bangles. Acsentials also has wide range of jewelry items for every woman. Please do visit the Acsentials website to order your piece of jewelry. We are also accessible on all the social media handles. Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.