For Those Who Want More Of AD Jewellery Designs

AD Jewelry Designs by Acsentials are unique, sophisticated, and bold. They are simply irresistible! The designs are timeless as they cater to women of all ages. Acsentials believes in constantly evolving as a brand and strives to bring the best to its customers. The AD jewellery designs are very much in vogue and are best for women who appreciate subtleness in beauty. The designs are according to your choice. You can choose from wide range of pendant sets, earrings, necklace sets, bangles, bracelets, and rings. Some designs have been highlighted as under just for you.

1.Gold Plated American Diamond Earrings

There is absolutely no reason for not falling love with the Gold Plated American Diamond Earrings. They are stunningly elegant and flaunt a vintage look. They are about an inch in length. The ruby colored stones enhance their beauty. They are not very heavy and good to go with any ensemble.

INR: 1,899.00

 AD Earrings, AD jewelry, Acsentials
Gold Plated AD Earrings

2.Gold Plated Blue Stone Studded American Diamond Set

The combination of white American diamonds and blue stones is brilliant. It’s not too girlish but rather bold and regal. The necklace sits neatly on any neckline making your neck look as beautiful as that of a queen. The earrings are cute little drops with small blue stone at their rear end. The set looks fantastic.

INR: 2,499.00

American Diamond Set, Acsentials
Gold Plated Blue Stone Studded AD Set

3.Stylish Two-Tiered Gold Plated American Diamond Ring

The two-tiered rings are very trendy. This ring can be worn in two fingers and is delicate enough to layer with other rings. There ring flaunts three American diamond kissed flowers that make the ring look just beautiful. If your beautiful hands have not been complimented recently then you must buy this ring to get your beautifully manicured fingers noticed immediately.

INR: 599.00

Two-Tiered Gold Plated AD Ring, Acsentials
Two-Tiered Gold Plated AD Ring

4.American Diamond Studded Love Palmlet

Acsentials always wants to keep its customers updated. The American Diamond Studded Love Palmlet is fashionable and stylish. The college girls are simply going to swoon over this AD jewelry design. The design has been kept very simple with a sparkle that is just right. It is a must have for all the women who love to dress in style.

INR: 1,099

AD Studded Love Palmlet, Acsentials
AD Studded Love Palmlet

AD jewelry designs by Acsentials are just killers! They know the pulse of the jewelry fashion industry. You can order anything for anyone from Acsentials with just a click of a button. The AD jewelry designs are very pocket friendly. They are designed to make you feel and look good. Acsentials has a huge collection of AD jewellery. They are specially designed to suit women coming from different backgrounds. There is something for everyone! Acsentials promises to disappoint none! Therefore, feel free to shop whenever you want with Acsentials. It is a brand which vouches for its customers’ happiness. Acsentials is easily accessible over the internet. You can also get connected via various social media handles. Acsentials connects with its customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also visit our website to shop for your favorite AD jewellery designs.


Special Earrings for your Precious Ones

Kids earrings designs by Acsentials are very attractive and small girls just love them. There are a variety of earrings to choose from for your little princess. Character earrings are all time favorite of kids. They love to wear earrings in bright colors. Acsentials takes care to get the best earrings for kids. Lot of care is taken to ascertain the quality of these earrings as they should not harm the little one in any way. Some of the beautiful earrings are mentioned here.

Three Piece Studs

These studs look amazing on small girls. There are three pairs of studs with a smooth finish. There are no sharp edges to harm your child’s delicate ears. The material used in the studs are absolutely skin friendly and can be worn safely by your kid. One of the studs is a pretty owl in red, a perfect wear for a kid’s fun party. Another one is a simple stud in white which resembles a rose bud. This can be worn daily. The stud in black is great to be worn with a nice black frock or gown.

INR: 349.00

Three Piece Studs

Gold Plated American Diamond Hoop Earrings

This one is very cute and would make your little sweetheart look like a princess. You can never go wrong with hoops. The simple hoop design has a gold-plating, making them look classic. Sparkling, high quality American diamonds are studded on the hoops, giving them the right sheen. This one can be worn by little girls and teenagers as a regular wear. The earrings look great with any dress. It’s a must-have for your little girl.

INR: 349.00

American Diamond Hoop Earrings

Three-piece Drip Earrings

These are flower shaped earrings. The design has been kept very simple. One of them is a white flower with a gold border. This one will look good on girls who are three to five years old. The other two are very small studs perfect for toddlers. The earrings are very safe to wear. They will not harm your child in any way. The little sparkle on their ear lobes will make them glow.

INR: 349

Three-piece Drip Earrings

Gold Plated American Diamond Hoop Earrings

This pair of Hoop Earrings will look lovely on a teenage child. The earring looks just adorable when worn by your girl. The earrings have a clasp on design. The front side of the hoop is richly embedded with American diamond stones. There is a small AD drop attached to the hoop. This makes the earrings look a bit dressy. The earrings can be worn for birthday parties or small functions.

INR: 299.00

American Diamond Hoop Earrings

Acsentials is a leading fashion jewelry and accessory brand. It is known for its unique designs that represent excellence, beauty, and culture. The brand’s key objective is to provide its customers with the best, upscaled jewelry that has a harmonious blend of traditional, modern, and innovative designs. The brand ensures that it has products of superb craftmanship and quality. You will never be disappointed by the range of products they offer. Acsentials can be reached at its website or at the various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.