On Mother’s Day

“Mom”, “Maa”, “Ammi”, it’s not just a word, but an exquisite feeling which does not need any expression. A mother and her child share a bond which is not just connected with the birth cord, but an ever-enduring chord of love, care, and friendship that binds them together.

The very first word we learn to utter is “Maa”, and since then whenever we reach home the very first person we search for is our mother, whether we need something or not, we want her to be around us. Be it pain, pleasure, happiness or tiredness, “Maa” is the word that comes naturally as a sigh of relief. Likewise, our mother whose job never ever ends deserves the best of care and attention, which gradually starts to shrink as we get busy with our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day

She is that superwoman in our life who is invincible, and stands strong like a rock and bears any hardship that befalls us. Holding on our hands, she taught us to walk, prepares the best dishes, and has spent sleepless nights just to make sure we sleep well, she helps us complete our assignments and projects, and when we grow up and leave our home for work and education, she is that one person in the entire universe who always remains concerned about our well being.

Whether she is a working woman or switching roles from a mother to a wife, daughter, and sister, she knows best, the art of balancing and multitasking. While she prepares her presentation she responds to the never ending tantrums of everybody in the house, she did not even bothered when her make up pouch got replaced with the essential needs and diapers of her baby or when her “me time” got blurred amongst the files of her office and household chores.

Mother’s Day

She is that person who laughs and dance with us and at the same time punishes us for all our wrong doings. At times she is our best friend and the other moment she is our teacher. She gives us life, nurtures us and guides us through every stage of life. Words cannot define the selfless love she showers on her kids, because her unconditional love knows no bounds.

While we look for motivation and inspiration in our everyday life, we often fail to observe the role played by our mother’s. An exemplary role model, who silently teaches us how to shoulder all the responsibilities, manages time, cares for everyone and never fails to kiss her baby good night.

“She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it
Look like a pair of wings.”


All her life she prepares her child to face the world, and when her child is able to do so, she is the happiest person in the world. In return what she seeks is a small conversation and a warm hug, a gesture that makes her feel loved and cared about.

It’s not only about this special day, called Mother’s Day but the special person whom we ought to celebrate, cherish and honour every day and every moment. At times we may argue, have different opinions or can’t give enough time, but at the end of the day, this relationship upholds such a bond, that in the entire universe we can only find peace when we snuggle in our mother’s lap.


Celebrating Women’s Day With Women In Fashion

This 8th of March let’s look at all those women who have helped shape the world become a fashionable and beautiful place.

The fashion industry is filled with budding designers, models, and heads filled with creative ideas. And these independent female makers are changing the fashion industry one creation at a time. With their creative minds and inventive spirit, these strong women are changing the course of fashion business.

Fashion and style not only consists of the outfit matching the makeup a woman is wearing but it also consists of the way a woman carries herself with grace and elegance.

When talking about fashion, Coco Chanel is the name which tops the list. The fashion designer who hails from the time around the first World War created a top French fashion brand, ‘Chanel’, which is still one of the most reputed brands.

Her journey from a child who lost her mother at the age of 12 to becoming one of the most successful fashion designers is commendable. One of her little black dress was praised by Vogue and was predicted to be worn all across the globe.

The fashion industry was deeply impacted by Chanel’s bold and dare-it-all designs.

When few of the critics chose to comment on Donna Karen losing her way, she came with a label of her own, ‘DKNY’ and making her way through the fashion industry. This lower-priced line of her designed clothes became popular among the working women.

Indian fashion designers have also not been left behind and are rebranding the term ‘fashion’ with their own traditional and modern way. ‘AND’ brand founded by Anita Dongre is redefining the fashion roots in India and is also famous internationally. The designs of the brand have definitely evolved with the changing fashion industry and are famous for its fusion looks which are a blend of western and Indian wear.

In the line of beauty products, Huda Kattan, founder of Huda beauty and Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown cosmetics are changing the face of the earth with their high quality make up products.

Jewellery plays a vital role in accompanying fashion and beauty industry to keep the quirkiness alive. It is like the cherry at the top of a cake.

None of the outfits and make up look would be complete without matching those with shining jewelry pieces. Kendra Scott is the accessories designer who is writing a new story of fashion jewelry. She made her way upward the fashion ladder in 2002 when she founded Kendra Scott LLC. She is also the proud winner of Ernst & Young’s national entrepreneur of the year in 2017.

Apart from creating a vast empire of fashion business industry, women are also stepping up as leading ladies of various fashion firms and are responsible for taking the firm to new heights. Ladies such as Anna Wintour, who is editor-in-chief of Vogue and Michele Promaulayko who is editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, are to name a few.

Women have achieved heights of excellence in the field of medicine, engineering, scientific studies, politics, law and many more. Let us celebrate this women’s day by commemorating these women who are an inspiration and who are redefining the fashion and beauty industry.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Kundan Jewellery

Jewellery was one luxury that was more often than not reserved for the first class citizens. It was the royalty, the upper class or the aristocrats who were usually the ones owning beautiful adornments and pieces of regalia. There was once a time, when it was the jewellery that you flaunted, which determined your status on the social ladder of that region. No wonder then we have got a whole treasure trove of beautifully designed, exquisite jewellery pieces left behind by our Rajas and Ranis of the golden era.

The monarchical times of Indian history are fondly remembered for quite a lot of reasons like for instance, their contribution to military, cavalry and strategy, food and many more. But one thing that makes every imperial enthusiast nostalgic is the jewellery that was flaunted by the men and women of that golden era. Elaborately designed priceless pieces of jewellery which were potent enough to leave the onlookers speechless by playing at the strings of their hearts and minds. This pieces of jewellery exuded not just elegance but power and majestic value of pieces.

Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Set

Kundan was considered to be one of the techniques of jewellery making where pieces of jewellery were encrusted from the treasuries of the royal kind. While it does belong to the historic times, this technique has both evolved and adapted itself to be quite relevant in the present day modern times. Kundan jewellery with its simple and elegant design is even today able to steal the hearts of many, which is why you see it majorly in the wedding trousseau of today’s bridal parties. Due to its great appeal it still remains one of the most sought after jewellery pieces available on the tradition jewellery scene.

This technique in its present form today must have had its humble beginnings in the times of the kings who usually were used to plundering other kingdoms and looting their treasury. The technique in its most nascent form involved encrusting of precious and non-precious stones and making jewellery pieces like necklaces, chokers and so on. The word Kundan, is usually referred to when we talk about pure, molten gold.

In this technique of jewellery making, what basically happens is, this molten gold is used for filling the gaps once the stones or glass or polki are set in the design frame. In the earlier times, kundan jewellery only involved uncut diamonds. One could imagine why the general public then was unable to have an access to the same. Soon in order to make these jewellery pieces more affordable, the artists began to make use of glass instead of diamonds. This was the turning point which actually gave rise to two different lineages of jewellery. The kundan jewellery and the polki jewellery.

Gorgeous Kundan Choker Set

The difference between the two styles is that polka still uses the uncut, natural diamonds in jewellery making whereas kundan jewellery mostly uses the other semi-precious stones available as well as glass and sometimes is versatile enough to make use of even the polki. This technique was at its peak especially during the Mughal times and today, we still see the North West side staking major claim in the manufacturing of this kind of jewellery. Especially places like Bikaner, Jaipur and Rajasthan have come to become the hubs of manufacturing kundan jewellery.

Today when it comes to any ceremonial function, especially weddings and so on, kundan jewellery is almost always considered to be a must have. There are quite a few popular pieces that happen to be the most sought after ones. The most loved, would hands down, be the chandrabali or the crescent earrings. These beautiful adornments are to die for, especially the chunkier ones which are mostly worn by celebrities and glitterati. There are many styles here like half crescent, full crescent and multi-tier ones which are quite in fashion today.

Another piece of jewellery would be the magnificent multi-layer kundan necklace. This is one trend that you most definitely must have noticed especially in trend for all the big bash events. There is just one simple rule to follow over here and that is, the more strings you have in your necklace the better for you, mainly because this piece of jewellery is literally all about amping up the drama.

When looking to buy pieces of kundan jewellery it is important for you to remember certain key pointers. Going for gold plated pieces of jewellery is always a great choice, mainly because they are both skin friendly and also last quite long. Brass and silver can also be some pocket friendly options you could opt for. Jewellery that has proper finishing work done on it is the kind of jewellery you must opt for. This is also known as meenakari work or just plain old enamelling.

Choose pieces which even if not real, those which should not look cheap or glassy. Look for pieces like rhinestone, cubic zirchonia and other such clear crystals which will give your jewellery a luxurious and rich look. Buy heavier pieces as opposed to light pieces of jewellery which will be both dark in shade and look extremely attractive on you.

ascentials.com is an online marketplace offering a variety of accessories and embellishments to achieve the perfect, head turning look. They pride themselves for being perfectly in sync with what their customers need. To know more follow them on their website acsential.com and follow them on other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Get the Perfect Look with Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery just a click away! Yes, this is an era of smartphones and internet and online shopping is a delight; more so if it’s with your favorite brand “Acsentials”. Acsentials has all the solutions for online fashion jewellery shopping. All you must do is to visit the online store and place an order for your favorite fashion jewellery piece. Your order will be delivered at your doorstep without much hassle. Place your order right now, and enjoy your shopping experience with the brand.

Some of the fashion jewellery pieces have been described below:

1. Hearts Apart Silver Ring

This open Hearts Apart Silver Ring is a killer. The pattern is trending these days and a huge favorite among young women. If you are a man, then you may present this beauty to your lady love with a song, “I love you to the moon and back”, and then see the magic weave around her lovely finger. The two hearts are artistically done in crystals with one round crystal perched neatly a little away from the hearts. The ring has a silver finish, which makes the crystals look even more striking.

INR: 499.00

Hearts Apart Silver Ring

2. Pearl Party Earrings

These Pearly Party Earrings will never leave you disappointed. They can make any ensemble look lavish because they look so beautiful and shine so brightly. These earrings are danglers with three pearls attached to a string chain. The pearls are of varying sizes, which creates an element of drama. A perfect wear for any party. Pearls are very versatile and can be worn with any outfit or occasion. They look simple yet grand.

INR: 699.00

Pearl Party Earrings

3. Multi-colored Bangles – Set

Let the kaleidoscope of colors make merry on your beautiful hands with the lovely multi-colored bangles set especially brought for you by Acsentials. The set includes bangles which come in different hues, just like a rainbow – silver, pink, yellow, red, blue green, purple, and orange. There are few bangles in each color. These bangles can be teamed up with any traditional attire. The colors are so vibrant that they will make even a simple outfit look brighter.


Multi-colored Bangles

4. Sleek Gold Choker Necklace

This Sleek Gold Choker Necklace is a timeless beauty that shines as a celebration of you. This piece easily transitions from morning to evening, from chic to glamorous. You can wear this choker for any daytime event and for late evening parties. It will look equally good at both the times as it is very much suitable for both day and night wear. The design has been kept simple. It stands out as a bold statement jewellery . It can be worn with any solid-colored outfit but will look best with white, red, and black.

INR: 249.00

Sleek Gold Choker Necklace

Acsentials is a renowned fashion jewellery brand that caters to the entire family’s need of fashion jewellery and accessories. It ensures that it has something for men, women, and kids pertaining to any age group. Acsentials believes in class and therefore the products sold by it are nothing but classy. Hence, if you have been looking for a jewellery brand that gives the best in terms of design, quality, and price; then you must visit the online fashion jewellery store of Acsentials. You can also get a glimpse of its products by following Acsentials on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Ethnicity On The Go; Buy Ethnic Necklaces From Acsentials

There are plenty of jewelry which one can flaunt at any time. Then there are some which are destined to be worn on special occasions, like the ethnic necklaces by Acsentials. The ethnic necklace depicts the tradition associated with the tribe. So where can you get your hands on an ethnic necklace? What are the characters to look before and after buying an ethnic necklace? Well,it’s not as complicated as it seems. Here are some of the things you can follow before buying and flaunting an ethnic necklace.

Know the Scenario of your visit

Ethnic wears like necklace vary according to ethnicity and gender. One must be aware of the place of visit and theme of the visit. If the party, for instance, is based on an Indian theme, it’s better for the party attendee to flaunt the ethnic wear of Indian origin. On the other hand, if the function is of non-Indian nature it is advisable to wear the jewelry according to necessity.

How and why to wear it?

Ethnic necklace and jewelry, unlike others, have a specific reason as to why they are shaped so and worn in a specific manner. So every bearer carries that extra responsibility to know something about why and how were they invented in the first place. This extra piece of information will come handy in many places.
Here are some of the ethnic necklaces that you can take to any occasion and feel special.

Antique Kundan Stone Studded Gold Plated Bridal Set

The gold plated Jewelry set comes with a beautiful scintillating necklace along with integrated earrings studded with fine quality Kundan Stones.

Antique Kundan Stone Studded Gold Plated Bridal Set

Graceful Antique Gold Plated Kundan Bridal Set

Designed with a beautiful antique gold plated jewelry set, this set of beauty encapsulates the touch of class. With a traditional set feature, it combines green stone, Kundan Studded necklace, matching earrings and a maangtika.

Graceful Antique Gold Plated Kundan Bridal Set

Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Set

Embellished with Kundan faux pearls and red stones, the exquisite design and finishing of this set piece include a gold plated necklace, Kundan, and a faux pearl set. This ethnic jewelry gives a stylish addition to your collection of jewelry.

Gold Plated Kundan and Faux Pearl Set

Elegant Traditional Gold-plated Antique Jewelry Set

This Acsentials collection highlights your traditional attire by giving the simple yet elegant look through its Kundan necklace set studded with charming stones. This alluring design comes with a pair of earrings, necklace, and a maangtika.

Elegant Traditional Gold-plated Antique Jewelry Set

We here at Acsentials, have an extensive collection of jewelry which ranges from necklaces, rings, bangles, bracelets and much more. These bewitching designs from Acsentials have highly been acclaimed by our happy buyers. Ethnic necklaces have a traditional and cultural importance in Hindu society, especially in India. Though these set pieces go by the name ethnic necklaces the combination of modern design and ethnic design are fit for any kind of occasion. Also, visit our website for more ethnic necklace designs at Acsentials.com.

A Mirror you can trust

Compact Mirrors or make-up mirrors are a handy tool when it comes to doing a touch-up in the middle of tiring office hours or when you have to attend a party at a short notice. Now that our smartphones have become an integral part of our day-to-day lifestyle, be sure to avoid ascribing your phone with the task of serving as your make-up mirror and buy yourself one of the glam-looking and elegant compact mirrors specially designed for the modern working women.
Squeezing out few minutes for yourself from your hectic schedule and revamping your appearance to look your best had never been so easy. Acsentials brings you a variety of make-up mirrors to suit your style and persona and be an integral part of your handbag accessories. Take a look!
Stylish Compact Mirror
This stylish compact mirror is framed with a silver scroll overlay and carries a beautifully designed owl in the center. The shape and size are acutely convenient to be carried in your mini clutch or office handbag. It is both quirky and stylish and will come handy when you need an instant touch-up. Whether you’re running late for an office meeting or have to catch up with friends at late night club parties, you’re sure to look your best when you carry a compact mirror with you.
Stylish Compact Mirror
Autumn –design Compact Mirror
If you want to look fabulous and you are caught in the web of daily meetings and late work shifts, then carrying a make-up mirror makes for a wise choice. Donning a stylish caricature of the modern woman and autumn leaves, this intricately designed mirror is a must-have tool in your makeup bag.
Celebrate your charm and grace and carry this makeup mirror with you so that moments such as those when you think you’re not at your best are best avoided.
Autumn –design Compact Mirror
Double-glass Compact Mirror
For the glam-diva whose looks are staggering and stellar, one mirror isn’t enough. This double-glass compact mirror has two mirrors to provide a more enriching experience.
Two mirrors facing each other make it easier to give the touch-up and do make-up with greater precision and finesse. At Acsentials, we believe in taking care of your needs and hence we have come up with this design that will look both stylish and needful at the same time.
So, if you want to look pristine and youthful, this should be on your must-buy list.

Double-glass Compact Mirror

Paris girl Stylish Makeup Mirror
A convenient size and design to match the comfort of your palms, it what is required of a make-up mirror. And this Make-up mirror has been specially designed to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Moving from the conventional circular shape to less rounded edges, it’s a product that has been upgraded after receiving reviews from its users. The glam-quotient is a cherry on the cake and makes a decent buy to suit your make-up products and tools.
Paris girl Stylish Makeup Mirror
Check out our other spectacular designs at acsentials.com. Also to appeal to new generation woman who has high ambitions and lives with an impulsive spirit, Acsentials present wide-range collection of ad pendants, bracelets, and traditional ad rings. Also, we offer you the best kids jewelry in India. Don’t forget to take a look and get enchanted!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star In Your Ears

Embellishing any outfit is something that comes entirely naturally to us women. Contradictory to the ways of men, a lady has a tendency to use a bigger number of things than simply the dress and some very important supplementary item.


Earrings are a piece of those adornments that a lady basically can’t do without, as it obviously delineates their character and style and is as much a part of a lady as her tote or cosmetics may be. We just can’t envision getting spruced up without a couple of hoops, and it can be a smart thought to actually go out and buy as many varieties as are possible in terms of the earrings department.


You will discover earrings in a wide range of shapes and sizes, patterns and materials, so on it can be hard to pick, as the decision is so broad. The metals change as do the stones, which can be precious stones, topazes or birthstone. There is likewise a wide range to browse in gems, which can be extremely appealing.


You can match pieces of costume jewellery with the way you dress and can truly upgrade the general look of your couture. The benefit of these costume jewellery pieces is that they are substantially more moderate than genuine gems, and it might be a decent option that you would prefer otherwise in order to not to spend excessively.


Obviously precious stone studs and earrings are each lady’s dream, as they are twice the amount of intriguing, rich and go with basically everything. Regardless of whether they are straightforward studs or more unpredictable ones, they will dependably have a dazzling impact. Precious stones run well with everything, from casual wear to long gowns.


Jewels are not just impeccable; they likewise convey a considerable measure of centrality, particularly on the off chance that you offer them as a gift to someone. So on the off chance that you are thinking about purchasing a present for an extremely extraordinary lady these precious stones are your best decision as they make the bond amongst you and the lady stronger.


Today’s businesswomen and working ladies also like to wear studs, as they are significantly more viable for they don’t impede their everyday tasks and work. They are anything but difficult to wear while at work, as, compared to the rings or other tedious pieces of jewellery. In any case, the earrings worn by working females are not necessarily formal all the time. When all is said in done working ladies do lean toward costume jewellery pieces as they are more reasonable and can be changed frequently.


Costume jewellery is additionally mainstream with the younger spectrum of the female society who truly like changing their clothing regularly, so it makes for a less expensive choice. Earrings all in all, are less demanding to convey and an incredible embellishment for ladies of any age.

These specifically made earrings make an awesome choice for day by day wear as well as for earth shattering events like an engagement and marriage parties also. They are sure to compliment party wear really well as well. For a more exquisite look, great pearl studs with any night outfit will be a wonderful decision. For day by day wear imitation stones, dichroic glass and Murano glass hoops are some different decisions as well.The most ideal approach to choose the correct earring configuration is to coordinate that with the outfit or appear differently in relation to it. A beautiful dress for a gathering can either be coordinated with the studs of same shading or with hoops, which coordinate the print or state of the outfit. Dark hoops with white dress or the other way around are a flawless outline of differentiating sets. There are no methods or rules to get the mix right.Selection of these earrings and studs relies upon the outfit, however embellishments like purses, belts, armlets, shoes, and most imperative of all pieces of jewellery too are factors that decide the choice of these pieces of regalia. Truth be told, earrings with a coordinating accessory can upgrade the general look. Yet, for a few dresses, choosing the correct earrings can prompt an issue. The alternative of coordinating these earrings and other pieces of jewellery is always a personal decision.


Check out some of these amazing pairs of earrings that you would be able to add to your outfit and look extra fashionable.


Product Name: Heart Shaped Blue Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

The style of drop earrings has quite literally taken the fashion world by storm, with every single celebrity and starlet trying their hand at them. These beautiful heart shaped Swarovski crystals attached to elliptical silver plated holders make for a gorgeous accessory for a party.

Heart Shaped Blue Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

Product Name: Pink Asymmetrical Swarovski Crystal stud Earrings

Have a party at the office and don’t know what to wear with your beautiful rich silk Saree? This is the pair of studs that will look perfect. Four asymmetrical circular pink crystals placed together to look both modern and at the same time very gorgeous will add to your style statement in a major way.

Pink Asymmetrical Swarovski Crystal stud Earrings

Product Name: Clear Triangle Swarovski Crystals Stud Earrings

Asymmetrical jewellery has become quite the order of the day with everyone from office goers to the celebrities trying to include them in their collections. This pair of triangle clear crystals surrounded with sparkling tiny crystals is one such piece that should definitely find a place of pride in your jewellery box.

Clear Triangle Swarovski Crystals Stud Earrings

Product Name: Gold Silver Abstract Stud Earrings Made With Elements of Swarovski

Do you happen to be one of those people who just cannot decide which kind of jewellery they love, gold or silver? Then this pair of Swarovski earrings is literally made for you. Abstract design centred in both gold and silver linings throughout, this jewellery tries to encompass both the modern trends of sophistication and traditional trends of subtlety.

Gold Silver Abstract Stud Earrings Made With Elements of Swarovski

Product Name: Clear Swarovski Crystal Ball Drop Earrings

The classic Swarovski clear crystal embedded in a drop style pattern earring pair, which will ensure that you never ever go wrong while styling yourself. This drop earrings pair literally goes on everything and its classic beauty and chic style makes it your best friend.

Clear Swarovski Crystal Ball Drop Earrings

Ascentials.com is an online marketplace offering a variety of accessories and embellishments to achieve the perfect, head turning look. They pride themselves for being perfectly in sync with what their customers need. To know more follow them on their website acsential.com and follow them on other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.