Celebrating Women’s Day With Women In Fashion

This 8th of March let’s look at all those women who have helped shape the world become a fashionable and beautiful place.

The fashion industry is filled with budding designers, models, and heads filled with creative ideas. And these independent female makers are changing the fashion industry one creation at a time. With their creative minds and inventive spirit, these strong women are changing the course of fashion business.

Fashion and style not only consists of the outfit matching the makeup a woman is wearing but it also consists of the way a woman carries herself with grace and elegance.

When talking about fashion, Coco Chanel is the name which tops the list. The fashion designer who hails from the time around the first World War created a top French fashion brand, ‘Chanel’, which is still one of the most reputed brands.

Her journey from a child who lost her mother at the age of 12 to becoming one of the most successful fashion designers is commendable. One of her little black dress was praised by Vogue and was predicted to be worn all across the globe.

The fashion industry was deeply impacted by Chanel’s bold and dare-it-all designs.

When few of the critics chose to comment on Donna Karen losing her way, she came with a label of her own, ‘DKNY’ and making her way through the fashion industry. This lower-priced line of her designed clothes became popular among the working women.

Indian fashion designers have also not been left behind and are rebranding the term ‘fashion’ with their own traditional and modern way. ‘AND’ brand founded by Anita Dongre is redefining the fashion roots in India and is also famous internationally. The designs of the brand have definitely evolved with the changing fashion industry and are famous for its fusion looks which are a blend of western and Indian wear.

In the line of beauty products, Huda Kattan, founder of Huda beauty and Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown cosmetics are changing the face of the earth with their high quality make up products.

Jewellery plays a vital role in accompanying fashion and beauty industry to keep the quirkiness alive. It is like the cherry at the top of a cake.

None of the outfits and make up look would be complete without matching those with shining jewelry pieces. Kendra Scott is the accessories designer who is writing a new story of fashion jewelry. She made her way upward the fashion ladder in 2002 when she founded Kendra Scott LLC. She is also the proud winner of Ernst & Young’s national entrepreneur of the year in 2017.

Apart from creating a vast empire of fashion business industry, women are also stepping up as leading ladies of various fashion firms and are responsible for taking the firm to new heights. Ladies such as Anna Wintour, who is editor-in-chief of Vogue and Michele Promaulayko who is editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, are to name a few.

Women have achieved heights of excellence in the field of medicine, engineering, scientific studies, politics, law and many more. Let us celebrate this women’s day by commemorating these women who are an inspiration and who are redefining the fashion and beauty industry.


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