Engagement or Non-Engagement, Rings are for Life

When it comes to engagements, all a woman wants is to have the most perfect moment, filled with everything just dreamlike before she goes ahead and says ‘I do’. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every girl has the dream to get married or engages, in the most perfect of fashion, there are some who don’t find the idea of marriage as appealing, as they find those beautiful rings. In the earlier days, in a more traditionalistic society, popular presumption was that young women, after a certain age ought to get married. If people didn’t follow through with the wishes of the society, then they ran the risk of getting ostracised. But today, things have changed and so have people’s way of thinking. Today, the modern lady is strong, independent and empowered. More importantly, today the notion of happiness is quite different from what it was in the earlier days.

American Diamond Ring, Acsentials
Stylish Two Tiered Gold Plated American Diamond Ring

Today be it a man or a woman, no one really is expected to have to be married as a prerequisite guarantee of their happy life. Which is why today, no girl really needs a reason to stare at a beautiful stone studded ring on her finger. Be it diamonds, rubies, sapphires or American diamonds, there’s every kind of diamond for every kind of girl out there. Most importantly, you don’t really need to be engaged for betrothed. As there are rings for the non-engaged fashionistas, there definitely happen to be numerous trademark rings for those ready to begin their new life. When it comes to engagements, the main kind of rings would be either a classic kind, or vintage or modern. Many go for simple cuts with less emphasis on the elaborate designs. For the blushing bride to be, there are many gorgeous choices ranging from platinum, ad rings, white or yellow or rose gold rings and so on.

American Diamond Two Tiered Ring, Acsentials
Gold Plated American Diamond Two Tiered Ring

The classical kind of ring, would be very simple but at the same time extremely elegance, with its timeless shine. More commonly known as the classical solitaire, it is the archetypical engagement ring preferred by most since 1886. Another very popular style is the Halo Ring, wherein a beautiful diamond studded centre is designed with micropave diamonds surrounding it in the most intricate of design. Wedding ring set is another crowd favourite which is made up of two beautifully designed rings, fused together to make a gorgeous ring. The latest style that pulls at the strings of the heart of many is the promise ring, which is shaped like a gorgeous heart. For those who just cannot stop loving diamonds, the side stone patterned rings are the best, with lots and lots of small sparkling diamonds. Many other styles include the stunning three stoned ring, the new age princess cut diamond engagement ring and the vintage inspired cushion cut engagement ring.

Palmlet Ring, Acsentials
An Offbeat Style Ring – Palmlet

Whether you happen to be eyeing a ring that will seal the deal of the future for your sweetheart, or you just want a ring to stare at it all day long. Rings have since forever been a symbol of elegance, grace and beauty. Today, if you step out into the market or go online, you will come across a plethora of options for both men and women. The choices are actually endless, especially when it comes to non-engagement rings. Whatever your budget, whatever your choice, there’s always a ring that will fit your personality. You’ve got your beaded rings, these are made of beads that are threaded together by metals. Then there are carved rings, which are carved out of wood, metal, bone or stone. These allow a lot of customizations in terms of designs. Stone rings have become the latest trend as they lend a very bohemian, chic style to your attire. Coordinate these rings with various kinds of outfits and even try out the stacking trend with these.

Then there are the bands, which can be worn around your fingers which are most popular with the starlets and the celebrities all around. Cluster rings happen to be a cult favourite, with so many smaller, more beautiful rings being brought together into one setting. Trinity rings are one very fashionable style, because in these you get about three rings, each as beautiful and adorning on your fingers. The most trending would be infinity rings and beautiful solitaire rings. The most popular ones would be the ad rings which help you look beautiful, in affordable prices too. Find these ad rings online or hit the stores with your gal pals.

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