Rings at Acsentials for the beautiful You

People say that a woman’s desire for jewellery never ends. But when it comes to rings, it’s something special. For years these rings placed on our dainty fingers have been a symbol of royalty, class, love, relationship and a lot more. That proposal ring from your sweetheart, the one with the promise of love, the one that glittered through the night on your hand like a star, every ring has been truly special to us. At Acsentials we understand what each ring means to you and present the most desirable collection that you will love to own. Our American Diamond Ring collection involves a lot of thought process, wherein, we blend style, class, looks and magic and yet make it available at prices so cheap that it fits every pocket and is sure to leave an impression.

Go ahead and have a look for yourself-

The Love – Bond Solitaire:

Make your day most special, bend on the knees and hold this gold plated American Diamond Solitaire for your perfect woman and she will adore you for this. The ring has 18 karat gold plating with a bright and shiny American Diamond studded on top like a love drop. This classy and gorgeous ring is sure to bring in compliments and attention to you and your pretty hand.

This pretty token of love at just Rs. 499 is a must have.

ring, Acsentials
Gold plated AD Solitaire ring

Live in Style Two-Tiered Ring:

Beautiful flower shaped American Diamonds placed on a gold plated curvy ring that intertwines two fingers will make a style statement as you garb it with an evening gown or a flowery dress for a perfect moonlit evening.

Make a lasting memory with this ring, own for just Rs. 599.

Ring, Acsentials
Gold plated curvy ring

Elegant Ring-Palmlet duo:

With women picking up the latest trends, there is an earnest desire to keep up the pace. Your search stops here at Acsentials as we present this unique duo of ring and palmlet with intricately designed American Diamond Studded flowers placed over them. Carry the elegance with trendy style as you wear it with a saree, suit or skirt.
The duo is a rare collection to be found anywhere but Acsentials, yet highly economical, priced at just Rs. 1299.

ring, palmlet, Acsentials
Elegant Ring-Palmlet duo

Bold and Beautiful Two-Tiered Ring:

Moon-Shaped round base studded with American Diamonds placed on gold plated curvy ring that intertwines two fingers give you the bold and beautiful look you have been dreaming of. Wear it with a shirt or a top anywhere, anytime and rock the world. The ring has been designed for people who carry style with elegance.
We bring you the best for the cost of dirt, grab this one for just Rs. 599.

curvy ring, Acsentials
Gold plated AD two-Tiered Ring

Acsentials not just aims at catering ‘what women need’, rather we set a trend of our own to accomplish ‘women’s dreams’. Try our collection, we guarantee to build a trust relationship with you. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay connected. Check out our wide range of products at-  https://www.acsentials.com/


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