Special Earrings for your Precious Ones

Kids earrings designs by Acsentials are very attractive and small girls just love them. There are a variety of earrings to choose from for your little princess. Character earrings are all time favorite of kids. They love to wear earrings in bright colors. Acsentials takes care to get the best earrings for kids. Lot of care is taken to ascertain the quality of these earrings as they should not harm the little one in any way. Some of the beautiful earrings are mentioned here.

Three Piece Studs

These studs look amazing on small girls. There are three pairs of studs with a smooth finish. There are no sharp edges to harm your child’s delicate ears. The material used in the studs are absolutely skin friendly and can be worn safely by your kid. One of the studs is a pretty owl in red, a perfect wear for a kid’s fun party. Another one is a simple stud in white which resembles a rose bud. This can be worn daily. The stud in black is great to be worn with a nice black frock or gown.

INR: 349.00

Three Piece Studs

Gold Plated American Diamond Hoop Earrings

This one is very cute and would make your little sweetheart look like a princess. You can never go wrong with hoops. The simple hoop design has a gold-plating, making them look classic. Sparkling, high quality American diamonds are studded on the hoops, giving them the right sheen. This one can be worn by little girls and teenagers as a regular wear. The earrings look great with any dress. It’s a must-have for your little girl.

INR: 349.00

American Diamond Hoop Earrings

Three-piece Drip Earrings

These are flower shaped earrings. The design has been kept very simple. One of them is a white flower with a gold border. This one will look good on girls who are three to five years old. The other two are very small studs perfect for toddlers. The earrings are very safe to wear. They will not harm your child in any way. The little sparkle on their ear lobes will make them glow.

INR: 349

Three-piece Drip Earrings

Gold Plated American Diamond Hoop Earrings

This pair of Hoop Earrings will look lovely on a teenage child. The earring looks just adorable when worn by your girl. The earrings have a clasp on design. The front side of the hoop is richly embedded with American diamond stones. There is a small AD drop attached to the hoop. This makes the earrings look a bit dressy. The earrings can be worn for birthday parties or small functions.

INR: 299.00

American Diamond Hoop Earrings

Acsentials is a leading fashion jewelry and accessory brand. It is known for its unique designs that represent excellence, beauty, and culture. The brand’s key objective is to provide its customers with the best, upscaled jewelry that has a harmonious blend of traditional, modern, and innovative designs. The brand ensures that it has products of superb craftmanship and quality. You will never be disappointed by the range of products they offer. Acsentials can be reached at its website or at the various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Fairy-Tale Kids Jewellery

Dressing up our kids is the most adorable thing and when they look like little baby dolls it’s a treat for the eyes. As we progress in the fashion world, our kids are no behind, and honestly, we love to dress them up. When it comes to jewellery, we want the cutest ones for their teeny-tiny baby hands and little toes. Every mother cherishes the after the look and we know that it is no less than the angels of the fairy land.

Put that precious smile on your baby’s face when they dress up with our collection of beautiful bracelets and necklaces made of colourful beads and a pretty princes’ frock. We have selected the most adorable designs in bracelets and necklaces in different colours that will go with any dress your kiddo wears and our prices are nonpareil.

Let’s have a look at the fairy tale collection:

Pixie Beads Necklace and Bracelet Set-

Little white pearly beads with six different bright colour beads and a big white broach in the center to match up with every cute dress for your angel’s neckline and a pretty white bracelet with white beads and broach for a complete look, this set will be your daughter’s pick.

Buy this combo at just Rs. 499 only at Acsentials.

Beads Necklace, Ascentials
Pixie Beads Necklace

Ethereal Heart Shaped Bracelets-

Designed with colourful beads and tiny heart hung on it, this bracelet will look endearing on your little one. This is a set of two bracelets with fresh green and light pink coloured hearts.

Bring this cute pair of bracelet home at just Rs.299.

Bracelet, Ascentials
Ethereal Heart Shaped Bracelets

Ethereal Heart Shaped Bracelets-

Designed with colourful beads and tiny heart hung on it, this bracelet will look endearing on your little one. This is a set of two bracelets with sky blue and dark poppy pink coloured hearts.

Bring this cute pair of bracelet home at just Rs.299.

Bracelet, Ascentials
Ethereal Heart Shaped Bracelets

Ethereal Heart Shaped Bracelets-

Designed with colourful beads and tiny heart hung on it, this bracelet will look endearing on your little one. This is a set of two bracelets with vibrant purple and sunny yellow coloured hearts.

Bring this cute pair of bracelet home at just Rs.299.

Bracelets, Ascentials
Ethereal Heart Shaped Bracelets

Pink Daisy Necklace and Bracelet Set-

Pink Beads with colourful roses necklace and a matching bracelet is a perfect baby doll look combo. Dress up your baby with this set on a frock or dress or skirt and be prepared for a whole lot of compliments flying her way.

This set is available at Rs.399 only.

necklace, Ascentials
Pink Beads with colourful roses necklace

White Daisy Necklace and Bracelet Set-

Beads with colourful roses necklace and a matching bracelet is a perfect baby doll look combo. Dress up your baby with this set on a frock or dress or skirt and be prepared for a whole lot of compliments flying her way.

This set is available at Rs.399 only.

necklace, Ascentials
White Beads with colourful roses necklace

Products at Acsentials are of good quality and long lasting. We believe in building a relationship of trust and not just of a buyer and seller. If you like our products, like us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and stay updated with our latest collection at – https://www.acsentials.com/

Check out these Chokers at your Online Chowk, Best Deal!

Riddle me this, “A close-fitting necklace that is making its comeback.” Yes, it is the Choker. Chokers have been traditionally used in many ancient cultures as an exotic jewellery piece, especially in the regions of Africa, South America and Asia. These neckpieces, which were quite popular in the 90’s, are back in fashion again. Whenever you wish to buy chokers online which can compliment your classy, punk, chic or sophisticated outfit then a thorough online window shopping is essential.Chokers traditionally represented class and fashion; a certain type of chokers reflected one’s class in the society. Members of high society while usually wore metal chokers, while rubber and leather chokers were associated with the members of the lower class.

Taking the inspiration from the 90’s, Chokers have re-established themselves as a must-have fashion accessory of the post-2010 era. Here is a look at the must have chokers you can buy online.

Crystal Choker Necklace
Price: 599 INR

As unique as it comes, this crystal choker necklace is the definition of class. This pearl embedded choker has every reason for other ladies to envy. Wear it with any formal outfit and don’t be shocked if somebody stares.

Choker, Necklace, acsentials
Crystal Choker Necklace


Silver Disk Double Layered Choker Necklace
Price: 949 INR

This double layered choker comes with a meager black band with a long silver chain. Swaying below the chain is a shiny silver disk pendant. Befitting for a party or a normal Monday, this choker is a must to carry.


Choker, Necklace, acsentials
Double Layered Choker Necklace

Pearl Drop Double Layered Choker Necklace
Price: 699 INR

Wear it for a moment you find perfect and the moment will be yours to seize. This pearl drop soars above the average pearl drop with its lean netted lace band and a long black chain. Also, for the suspension, it has an alluring pearl pendant. Seize this choker from Acsentials Imitation Online Store.

Choker, Necklace, acsentials
Pearl Drop Choker Necklace

Groovy Silver Chain Double Layered Choker
Price: 949 INR

If you want the combination that you always wished for in your choker then this lace choker is the one to watch out. This choker has both the groovy silver and beads contrast which open out the nifty side of the bearer. Wear it with jeans or gowns for eccentric looks.

Choker, Silver Chain, Necklace, acsentials
Silver Chain Double Layered Choker

Name Tag Choker
Price: 399 INR

If you love to wear black, prefer jeans to skirt and want to express more of a masculine side in your attire then this name tag choker sums up your needs.

Choker, Necklace, acsentials
Name Tag Choker

When it comes to the customer satisfaction, it is and has always been our priority and attitude here at, Acsentials. Our rallying cry is to “grow with our customers” so we give our maximum effort to provide our customers the best they deserve. In this dynamic environment of fashion, we have always been updating and upgrading our products and services over the years. We pride ourselves in our 100% timely delivery and after sales follow-ups. For more fashion trending products creep up on us anytime on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Engagement or Non-Engagement, Rings are for Life

When it comes to engagements, all a woman wants is to have the most perfect moment, filled with everything just dreamlike before she goes ahead and says ‘I do’. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every girl has the dream to get married or engages, in the most perfect of fashion, there are some who don’t find the idea of marriage as appealing, as they find those beautiful rings. In the earlier days, in a more traditionalistic society, popular presumption was that young women, after a certain age ought to get married. If people didn’t follow through with the wishes of the society, then they ran the risk of getting ostracised. But today, things have changed and so have people’s way of thinking. Today, the modern lady is strong, independent and empowered. More importantly, today the notion of happiness is quite different from what it was in the earlier days.

American Diamond Ring, Acsentials
Stylish Two Tiered Gold Plated American Diamond Ring

Today be it a man or a woman, no one really is expected to have to be married as a prerequisite guarantee of their happy life. Which is why today, no girl really needs a reason to stare at a beautiful stone studded ring on her finger. Be it diamonds, rubies, sapphires or American diamonds, there’s every kind of diamond for every kind of girl out there. Most importantly, you don’t really need to be engaged for betrothed. As there are rings for the non-engaged fashionistas, there definitely happen to be numerous trademark rings for those ready to begin their new life. When it comes to engagements, the main kind of rings would be either a classic kind, or vintage or modern. Many go for simple cuts with less emphasis on the elaborate designs. For the blushing bride to be, there are many gorgeous choices ranging from platinum, ad rings, white or yellow or rose gold rings and so on.

American Diamond Two Tiered Ring, Acsentials
Gold Plated American Diamond Two Tiered Ring

The classical kind of ring, would be very simple but at the same time extremely elegance, with its timeless shine. More commonly known as the classical solitaire, it is the archetypical engagement ring preferred by most since 1886. Another very popular style is the Halo Ring, wherein a beautiful diamond studded centre is designed with micropave diamonds surrounding it in the most intricate of design. Wedding ring set is another crowd favourite which is made up of two beautifully designed rings, fused together to make a gorgeous ring. The latest style that pulls at the strings of the heart of many is the promise ring, which is shaped like a gorgeous heart. For those who just cannot stop loving diamonds, the side stone patterned rings are the best, with lots and lots of small sparkling diamonds. Many other styles include the stunning three stoned ring, the new age princess cut diamond engagement ring and the vintage inspired cushion cut engagement ring.

Palmlet Ring, Acsentials
An Offbeat Style Ring – Palmlet

Whether you happen to be eyeing a ring that will seal the deal of the future for your sweetheart, or you just want a ring to stare at it all day long. Rings have since forever been a symbol of elegance, grace and beauty. Today, if you step out into the market or go online, you will come across a plethora of options for both men and women. The choices are actually endless, especially when it comes to non-engagement rings. Whatever your budget, whatever your choice, there’s always a ring that will fit your personality. You’ve got your beaded rings, these are made of beads that are threaded together by metals. Then there are carved rings, which are carved out of wood, metal, bone or stone. These allow a lot of customizations in terms of designs. Stone rings have become the latest trend as they lend a very bohemian, chic style to your attire. Coordinate these rings with various kinds of outfits and even try out the stacking trend with these.

Then there are the bands, which can be worn around your fingers which are most popular with the starlets and the celebrities all around. Cluster rings happen to be a cult favourite, with so many smaller, more beautiful rings being brought together into one setting. Trinity rings are one very fashionable style, because in these you get about three rings, each as beautiful and adorning on your fingers. The most trending would be infinity rings and beautiful solitaire rings. The most popular ones would be the ad rings which help you look beautiful, in affordable prices too. Find these ad rings online or hit the stores with your gal pals.

Acsentials is an online marketplace for accessories which let you get that amazing, alluring look. We pride ourselves in knowing what our customers want and delivering exactly according to their needs. Visit our website and get one step closer to owning the perfect accessory which suits your personality. Also follow us on our handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking sites.

Rings at Acsentials for the beautiful You

People say that a woman’s desire for jewellery never ends. But when it comes to rings, it’s something special. For years these rings placed on our dainty fingers have been a symbol of royalty, class, love, relationship and a lot more. That proposal ring from your sweetheart, the one with the promise of love, the one that glittered through the night on your hand like a star, every ring has been truly special to us. At Acsentials we understand what each ring means to you and present the most desirable collection that you will love to own. Our American Diamond Ring collection involves a lot of thought process, wherein, we blend style, class, looks and magic and yet make it available at prices so cheap that it fits every pocket and is sure to leave an impression.

Go ahead and have a look for yourself-

The Love – Bond Solitaire:

Make your day most special, bend on the knees and hold this gold plated American Diamond Solitaire for your perfect woman and she will adore you for this. The ring has 18 karat gold plating with a bright and shiny American Diamond studded on top like a love drop. This classy and gorgeous ring is sure to bring in compliments and attention to you and your pretty hand.

This pretty token of love at just Rs. 499 is a must have.

ring, Acsentials
Gold plated AD Solitaire ring

Live in Style Two-Tiered Ring:

Beautiful flower shaped American Diamonds placed on a gold plated curvy ring that intertwines two fingers will make a style statement as you garb it with an evening gown or a flowery dress for a perfect moonlit evening.

Make a lasting memory with this ring, own for just Rs. 599.

Ring, Acsentials
Gold plated curvy ring

Elegant Ring-Palmlet duo:

With women picking up the latest trends, there is an earnest desire to keep up the pace. Your search stops here at Acsentials as we present this unique duo of ring and palmlet with intricately designed American Diamond Studded flowers placed over them. Carry the elegance with trendy style as you wear it with a saree, suit or skirt.
The duo is a rare collection to be found anywhere but Acsentials, yet highly economical, priced at just Rs. 1299.

ring, palmlet, Acsentials
Elegant Ring-Palmlet duo

Bold and Beautiful Two-Tiered Ring:

Moon-Shaped round base studded with American Diamonds placed on gold plated curvy ring that intertwines two fingers give you the bold and beautiful look you have been dreaming of. Wear it with a shirt or a top anywhere, anytime and rock the world. The ring has been designed for people who carry style with elegance.
We bring you the best for the cost of dirt, grab this one for just Rs. 599.

curvy ring, Acsentials
Gold plated AD two-Tiered Ring

Acsentials not just aims at catering ‘what women need’, rather we set a trend of our own to accomplish ‘women’s dreams’. Try our collection, we guarantee to build a trust relationship with you. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay connected. Check out our wide range of products at-  https://www.acsentials.com/

Dazzle With Online AD (American Diamonds) Pendants

As Indians, we always take pride in our family values. Till date, we are one such society which always put family as number one priority. One of the many perks of being in the great big Indian family is the number of household functions we get to attend. From birthday parties to weddings and anniversaries. Well, this festive season leave all your accessories woes to Acsentials. An online portal that promised you timed delivery of high-quality products.

1. Gold Plated American Diamond Necklace Set
INR: 899 Only

This pendant is something that anyone can wear regardless her age. This piece can also be worn on a daily basis be it to office or college. This pendant has a silver plated chain from which a heart hangs with a small pear-shaped drop in the end. This set also includes one pair of earrings. The earrings are heart shaped as well studded with small American diamonds all over. This piece is very subtle and is perfect if you want to wear it casual dining events.


Gold Plated American Diamond Necklace Set

2. Gold Plated Red Stone Studded American Diamond Set
INR: 2499 Only

This necklace is perfect if you have a family wedding or get together coming up. This neck piece has a great combination of American diamond and blue stones. It also comes with a pair of earring which blue stones are dropping in the end. Blue is one such color that is considered to be royal we assure you that this set will gel well with all your traditional blue attires.

Gold Plated Red Stone Studded American Diamond Set

3. Gold Plated American Diamond Necklace Set
INR: 1249 Only

This pendant is an eye-catching piece it hangs on a gold plated chain. This pendant is bright and loud. It is oval shaped and is studded with small American diamonds and has a small pear shaped American diamond studs hanging on its bottom. The oval pendant is bordered with tiny triangles all over it. The earrings to replicate the pendant and will for sure have many heads turning to compliment you.


Gold Plated American Diamond Necklace Set

4. Gold Plated American Diamond Necklace Set
INR: 1299 Only

This set is perfect to be worn at all our desi Indian functions. A gold plated chain holds a pear-shaped pendant which is bordered with American diamonds and has stunning dark red pear shaped stone in the middle. The earrings are same as the pendants only in miniature forms.


Gold Plated American Diamond Necklace Set

Acsentials makes sure that their customers don’t have to wait for their products. Acsentiaals is as excited to send out the products as you are to receive it. The delivery is always punctual and time bound. To know more about our product ranges follow us on all social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and much more.