Make Way For The Fanciest Hair Bands In 2017!

Now that we are almost wrapped up with all the fashion shows, especially the beautiful fall and winter shows as well, this the perfect moment to move over from alluring dresses, to the more bewitching hair accessories. Have you noticed that when we are at our homes, lounging around and watching these amazing gala events, or even in the midst of all the angelic beauty and the forever alluring, runways, we tend to always focus on the bigger picture? That being the dresses and their exquisite designs. We seldom notice anything apart from the exquisitely put together bodice, or more importantly those dazzling hair accessories. 2017 definitely looks like it is going to be the year of smaller details. And by these smaller details we are referring to all those pieces of regalia, which work best when it comes to stylish hairstyles. While all the fashion shows, hosted in 2016 had one thing in common, the amazing hair styles, but they also had a number of beautiful accessories like, brooches, hair bands and more sparkly and twirly hair accessories. So we thought we could put together a list of amazing fancy hair band trends, which are sure to gather you a lot of attention this 2017. So get ready to vagabond the streets to buy fancy hair bands and other hair accessories!

Pretty Pink Hair band, Acsentials

Pretty Pink Hair band

It’s a headband mania all around, these fanciful hair accessories took up a huge part of the 2016 hair accessory trends. Probably inspired by the Greek and Roman women, who chose a number of flowers and wreathes to adorn their hairstyles with, today these hair bands are made out of a number of different materials, including velvet, felt and lots more. These have forever remained the trademark of showing off your womanhood and every woman regardless of her age, has indulged in the most fanciest of them, to get her whole wardrobe in style. So without further ado, let’s get right into the various trends that these hair bands have set off.

Crown of Pink and White Roses, Acsentials

Crown of Pink and White Roses

Minimalistic Beauties

The classic fabric elastic hair band was an ultra favorite of a lot of designers, especially in the Spring collection of fashion week in 2016. This may be because, this hair band is perfect in holding back your hair, as well as teams up with any kind of hair style and outfit you could possibly think of. There were a number of variations including the size of these minimalistic hair accessories, but they definitely remained absolute favorites.

Match Your Dress, Hairbands

The newest trend on the fashion block, this includes keeping a fabric of your dress aside and then tying your hair with it. Basically making a matchy-matchy version of your dress and being ultra co-ordinated in style. What’s more, these hair bands could also be used as head bands, mimicking the Indian-Arabian royalty style and giving an oomph to your fashion statement.

Hair Bands Comes with Tiny Roses, Acsentials

Hair Bands Comes with Tiny Roses

Futuristic and Plastic Is In

Last year’s fashion shows, saw an amazing amount of flower patterns being incorporated as a part of hair accessories. These included various bow type hair bands, satin soft hair ties as well as big romantic bows. A lot of big label designs went back to the basics, thus making us fall head over heels in love with black metallic, sleek hair bands. While others took an absolutely futuristic approach by incorporating metal hair bands, making them look like glitzy headphones and the likes. Looking back at this year, one thing is definitely sure, that the hair band is definitely here to stay!

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