Classy Compact Mirrors you Need to Own!

In today’s time of using mobile phones, the only reason I would recommend using a compact mirror is that your phone wasn’t meant to be used as a mirror. Before these pseudo mirrors, there was a handy tool called compact mirrors. They could be tossed into your bags when you wanted to touch up on your makeup. So, an ideal way to check up on your makeup is to use compact mirrors. Invest in cute compact mirrors that are the need of the hour.

You will find plenty of online compact mirrors in India that are ideal for everyday use and gives you a perfect tool to see and feel pretty. Acsentials brings to you the most amazing collection of cute and pretty compact mirrors that can make you a trendsetter. We have taken special attention to customise the look of these mirrors to suit the look of a woman whose fashion statement is always edgy and boundless. Let’s take a look at the best types of compact mirrors that you need to own.

Black compact mirror

This is a mini mirror that you will love to lock in your purse and use all day. The silhouette of this mirror is graced with abstract black design that is ideal for a girl with a bold fashion sense. This iconic compact mirror will give you complete clarity on how your makeup looks like- where you need that extra touch and where the eye shadow has smudged. Moreover, the overlay is so sleek that it will fit your purse in just the right way!

Image source: Black compact mirror

Stylish compact mirror

This stylish compact mirror will help you show off your cute sense of style. It is perfectly sleek and is made to be carried away wherever you go in a swift. With a magnified view of your face in the mirror, you will enjoy your makeup touch-ups more than ever! And oh, you don’t have to spend a lot in buying them. They are available at moderate rates, so you get the best product at much lesser rate.


Image source: Stylish compact mirror

Glass compact mirror

Who said compact mirrors can’t come in cute shapes? They must have not seen this glass compact mirror at our store. This adorable mirror is designed to suit the love of diamond shapes in every woman. The surface is designed to look like an array of diamonds stacked over each other with a glass like look. The mirror affixed on it is so clean and magnified, that it will give you details in just the right way. With this compact mirror in your purse, you don’t have to worry about your makeup going wrong!


Image source: Glass compact mirror

Acsentials displays a huge collection of such compact mirrors with cute designs and is sleek in its making. It is available in plenty of colours and styles that will suit the needs of every woman. We have ensured that you go gaga over all the available mirrors with us and rock that makeup right wherever you go! If you are looking for online compact mirrors in India, then Acsentials will give you the best collection that the country has to offer!


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