Classy Compact Mirrors you Need to Own!

In today’s time of using mobile phones, the only reason I would recommend using a compact mirror is that your phone wasn’t meant to be used as a mirror. Before these pseudo mirrors, there was a handy tool called compact mirrors. They could be tossed into your bags when you wanted to touch up on your makeup. So, an ideal way to check up on your makeup is to use compact mirrors. Invest in cute compact mirrors that are the need of the hour.

You will find plenty of online compact mirrors in India that are ideal for everyday use and gives you a perfect tool to see and feel pretty. Acsentials brings to you the most amazing collection of cute and pretty compact mirrors that can make you a trendsetter. We have taken special attention to customise the look of these mirrors to suit the look of a woman whose fashion statement is always edgy and boundless. Let’s take a look at the best types of compact mirrors that you need to own.

Black compact mirror

This is a mini mirror that you will love to lock in your purse and use all day. The silhouette of this mirror is graced with abstract black design that is ideal for a girl with a bold fashion sense. This iconic compact mirror will give you complete clarity on how your makeup looks like- where you need that extra touch and where the eye shadow has smudged. Moreover, the overlay is so sleek that it will fit your purse in just the right way!

Image source: Black compact mirror

Stylish compact mirror

This stylish compact mirror will help you show off your cute sense of style. It is perfectly sleek and is made to be carried away wherever you go in a swift. With a magnified view of your face in the mirror, you will enjoy your makeup touch-ups more than ever! And oh, you don’t have to spend a lot in buying them. They are available at moderate rates, so you get the best product at much lesser rate.


Image source: Stylish compact mirror

Glass compact mirror

Who said compact mirrors can’t come in cute shapes? They must have not seen this glass compact mirror at our store. This adorable mirror is designed to suit the love of diamond shapes in every woman. The surface is designed to look like an array of diamonds stacked over each other with a glass like look. The mirror affixed on it is so clean and magnified, that it will give you details in just the right way. With this compact mirror in your purse, you don’t have to worry about your makeup going wrong!


Image source: Glass compact mirror

Acsentials displays a huge collection of such compact mirrors with cute designs and is sleek in its making. It is available in plenty of colours and styles that will suit the needs of every woman. We have ensured that you go gaga over all the available mirrors with us and rock that makeup right wherever you go! If you are looking for online compact mirrors in India, then Acsentials will give you the best collection that the country has to offer!


American Diamonds are the Way to go when it comes to Bracelets and Bangles

American Diamonds are the Way to go when it comes to Bracelets and Bangles

American Diamondalso known as Zircon, has had its origins in the Persian way of life and was considered as a charm of prosperity and wealth, during the olden days. There was a time when any piece of jewellery, which was made up of this diamond, was considered to be a good luck charm, for a person’s wealth, life, beauty and it was believed that, this diamond had the celestial charm of attracting…

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American Diamonds are the Way to go when it comes to Bracelets and Bangles

American Diamond also known as Zircon, has had its origins in the Persian way of life and was considered as a charm of prosperity and wealth, during the olden days. There was a time when any piece of jewellery, which was made up of this diamond, was considered to be a good luck charm, for a person’s wealth, life, beauty and it was believed that, this diamond had the celestial charm of attracting enormous luxuries for the wearer. American Diamond has become quite famous, in today’s day and age as a quality substitute for the real diamond. Many women prefer wearing jewellery made up of American Diamonds, not only because of its uncanny resemblance to the real diamond, but also because it is very inexpensive and thus is most suitable for daily wear.

American Diamonds Bracelets and Bangles
American Diamonds Bracelets and Bangles

American Diamonds have become popular as AD jewellery these days and are also an indispensable part of the accessory collection for every woman out there. It is like women and Ad jewellery pieces literally go hand in hand. Although it is very true that a diamond, is a girl’s best friend, but what is also true, is the fact that these diamonds can cost a bomb. The best alternative hence, is the very famous American diamond, which comes in a number of colors, including blue, green, but most often in a natural and clear color. These crystals were previously known by their original name Zircon, which was soon replaced by the more commonly used alternative, mainly because it was easy for women all across the globe to add jewellery, made out of these beautiful diamonds to their collection of accessories.

American Diamonds Bangles
American Diamonds Bangles

While American Diamonds may not be as real as the real diamonds, they surely make for the closest imitation to them. Their cut and crystal like appearance and affordable price, was what made them so popular in the first place. While it is true that there is no resalable value for ad pieces of regalia, but they are definite favorites mainly for the aesthetic beauty that they add to various delicately crafted bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants and other such pieces of regalia. In spite of its Persian origins, these American diamonds were first formed in what was then known as, the Soviet Union and later on were perfected by an American firm in order to prove a worthy replacement for the beautiful diamond. While there are quite a few reasons for increasing demand for bangles and bracelets made of American diamonds, their beautiful shine and natural flashes of red and blue ensure that they stay as shiny and bright as any other crystal.

American diamonds are a hot favorite especially when it comes to bangles and bracelets. Bracelets have been a part of our lives, literally since forever and accompany us in every stage of our lives. What started off as friendship bracelets, good luck charms, charms bracelets, twinning bangles soon transformed into the beautiful and elegant bangle designs that help adorn our slender arms these days. The newest trend on the block is the one where you’re supposed to stack bracelets and bangles in a very attractive fashion so as to go with, whichever look you look best in. There are plenty of takers, especially when it comes to bracelets and bangles made out of American diamonds, because of the kind of elegance and sophistication they add to your style statement. In this fast paced world it’s possible to get your favorite accessory at the click of a button. Just go online and shop for ad bracelets and bangles and voila! Be the diva you’ve always wanted to be!

Acsentials is an online marketplace catering to all the beauty, style and fashion demands of the modern individuals of today. They are experts at knowing their customers most perfectly and have an extensive collection of the best accessories and jewellery pieces in the market. To know more visit their website and follow their social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Diamond Rings- A Perfect Fit For The Festive Season!

The most exciting part of winters is that everywhere we look there is some fun-filled event or weddings going on. Everyone is in the vibe to look the prettiest and glamorous. Since every woman wants to look and feel beautiful, theyt are all set to wire their money on things they find elegant and fashionable. So, we though why not offer you the best accessory piece that can take you from normal to extravagant in a matter of seconds?

Acsentials brings you the widest range of online AD rings that are not only mesmerising but made with authentic American diamonds that look stunning. We have taken special care to craft a brilliant masterpiece that will glam up your style quotient. If you are planning to attend a special event or any occasion, it is always better to set out with a game plan of looking the best!

Diamond net two finger ring

Two finger rings are so on this season! From actresses to super models, you can see everyone sporting the same style of ring. This is a perfect looking diamond studded ring that can be your absolute buddy when you are running out of options. A quirky touch to finish up your look, this two finger ring is not just stylish but is extremely comfortable as well. You can see the intricacy involved in making it just by looking at the pattern.

Diamond Solitaire Ring

In a place full of tiny millet glitters, a single diamond is all you need to shine like a star! And that is what this ring will make you feel like, a Star! A single large diamond that is studded on a gold plated ring is guaranteed to make you look like a diva. This ring will look best with a deep red dress matching a bold coloured lipstick with nails painted red. And yes, there you go with a perfect look!

An offbeat style ring- Palmlet

Palmlets have an unusual beauty about them. They lay so perfectly on your palm and fingers that you don’t need to accessorise anymore. This offbeat styled ring is extraordinarily beautiful and has American diamonds arranged on it is a peculiar fashion. They have just the right amount of glitter that any woman would love to have! This palmlet can be summed up with an Indian or western outfit and it will complement each look in its own unique way.

Two tiered ring

When you are in a rush and very little time to accessorise, this simple two tiered ring is all you need! This will help your casual day look without taking away the whole vibe. It is designed to go with any kind of attire.

If you are looking for AD rings online, Acsentials is the perfect place for you! With us, you will not only be able to explore a lot of options for accessories but will surely be spoilt for choice. We have a huge arrangement of all such rings that are made with love for all those people who love accessories as much as we do! With us, you won’t worry about the quality and high prices. Just a perfect place for all your accessory needs and that too under a budget!