Scarf Styles For Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is here and you can’t really snug up in your bed cosily all day long. You will need to step out of your bed to do work, get household chores done or may be go out to get some fresh air and fresh hot brewed coffee. Whilst you do all these, it is essential to protect yourself from these harsh winters. But, why should you leave fashion behind? To help you carry fashion along, scarves are the perfect thing. They can be worn in multiple ways and yet look different when wrapped around elegantly.

When looked up for online scarves for women, you will plenty of sites that offer a complete range of beautifully printed scarves. Acsentials is one such site that thrives to offer its customers the best scarves without compromising on quality. All the scarves that you will find here are crafted with care and the fabric is extremely safe on skin. Available in stupendous colours and prints, these scarves will sum up perfectly with all the attires from casual to professional one.

Let’ see how you can wear each scarf with different outfits. These innovative ways are sure to help you look fresh and vibrant this winter.

1. Block Print Scarf

A black block print scattered on a white scarf can be teamed with a professional outfit as well as simple white tee and jeans. To keep up the cool vibe, you can also wear it inside the jacket to lock up the warmth and yet carry that chic look all day long. Being two toned in colours, they will go best with black and other warm hues.

Image Source: Block print scarf

2. Camouflage Digital Print Scarf

Digital prints are so in trend at the moment that you can afford to miss out on it. This camouflage scarf has all warm colours and will go perfectly with plain coloured t-shirts and tune up your dull look. You can wrap it in a loop around your neck and team it up with a plain kurta as well. This versatile digital print can also be used to tie around the head to get that vintage look.

Image Source: Camouflage digital print scarf

3. Scarf Necklace

What is better than a combination of necklace and scarf? A scarf necklace has the elegance of scarf and the richness of a necklace as well. You can wear it with round neck denim dresses and with skirts as well. It can be quite tricky to match it up with other outfit as the neckpiece is an extra element. But when you are able to team it up well, it can bring out that feminine confidence in you.

Image Source: Scarf necklace

4. Cheetah Printed Scarf

Carrying an animal print is not everyone’s piece of cake. If you are a love of animal prints especially cheetah prints, then this is the perfect scarf for you. It will complement your bold look in a way that no other scarf would do. You can easily wear it with jumpsuits or leather jackets with printed boots. That’s the beauty of such scarves!

Image Source: Cheetah printed scarf is known for the kind of scarves that it displays. It can be a huge task to find online scarves for women, but with sites like these it becomes fairly easy to find what you are exactly looking for. Visit Acsentials for anything and everything on fashion style as well as accessories, and you will never be disappointed.


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