5 Reasons Why Every Girl Loves Her Clutch Bags from Online Shopping

When I had received my first salary, I used up the money at an expensive store and bought the most expensive clutch there was. It was part of an exclusive line and I was really excited about it. About an hour later on my ride home, I felt extremely guilty. Had I just spent my entire salary on a clutch?

Image Source : Gold Studded Clutch
Image Source : Gold Studded Clutch

That guilt, however, was short lived, and I started wearing it like my baby, my honour. It was a symbol of my new found independence and freedom. Ever since then, I have loved clutch bag shopping from online stores. They make me feel really happy. Who’s with me?

The Best Thing About clutch bags:

It’s classy – no matter what you wear, a beautiful clutch will always class things up. Whether it is a ball gown, sundress, or t-shirt and jeans, it looks great.

It’s the perfect fit – just like black shoes, clutches always go along with everything. They will never let you down, whether you are having a good day or bad.

Image Source: Black Velvet Clutch
Image Source: Black Velvet Clutch

It’s low risk – if you do not like wearing bold outfits like everyone else, then take a risk with accessories. This lets you be conservative, yet risky. A leopard clutch after all is far safer than a leopard dress. Al though, if you decide to carry a leopard clutch, then don’t wear any outfit that has animal prints. Keep your clutch bold and the rest of your outfit simple.

Image Source: Modern Black Clutch
Image Source: Modern Black Clutch

It’s size does not matter – whether you buy a big clutch or a small clutch bag online, it generally goes with everything. A rule of thumb for clutches is that bigger sizes are good for the day and smaller ones are perfect for evening parties. Bigger clutches tend to be favoured because EVERYTHING goes in. Makeup? Yes. Jewellery? Yes. Toy car? Yes. Mid-day snack? Yes!

It can be repeated – one of the written rules of the fashion world is that you should never repeat an outfit. However, with clutches, you can carry it as many times as you want. In fact, it is how they will remember you. You can’t say the same thing about a dress at a party.

Image Source: Classic Blue Clutch
Image Source: Classic Blue Clutch

It has been years since my first impulse clutch shopping and I still have it with me. Whenever I look back at it, I look back at all the memories I have had with it. Girls will always love their clutches because it is an extension of themselves.

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