Exquisite Jewellery for Exquisite Dreams: AD Ring Special!

Image Source: Gold Plated American Diamond Solitaire Ring
Image Source: Gold Plated American Diamond Solitaire Ring

There’s something so dreamy and exciting about those tiny little round pieces called rings, that all other jewellery adornments fall on one side and rings on the other side. Rings have always had a very special meaning and place in a woman’s heart, adding tinges of excitement, glamour and happiness in our lives in its adorably small and intense form. While one can pick up other accessories hands on without giving it much thought and association, rings of any form are picked after giving due thought with a little personal and emotional resemblance. To make this task of filtering the most unique associative rings, Acsentials lays out finely crafted AD (American Diamond) rings, which are available online and are delivered to you with your specific alterations.

Image Source: Stylish Two Tiered Gold Plated American Diamond Ring
Image Source: Stylish Two Tiered Gold Plated American Diamond Ring

American Diamond has become a very demanded and popular form of jewellery among many jewellery enthusiasts. The reason being, they look very stunning, the perfect near substitutes for diamonds. Where real diamond based jewellery is a farfetched dream, AD jewellery is a step closer to this dream which every girl is weaving in her heart. Acsentials brings together a bespoke range of AD jewellery including AD earrings, Bracelets, necklaces and AD rings. It has brought together some offbeat and hard to resist AD rings which are sure to add some spark in your life. Let me take you through a small premier of its unique offerings:

  1. The Gold Plated Single Solitaire AD rings: echoing with that big dream of a solitaire adorned ring, this simple piece is a remarkable experience to carry and show.
  2. Two Tiered AD ring: A break away from the cliché single rings, this piece takes a toll over two of your fingers. What else can be more exciting and worth flaunting when your fingers are encircled in intricately designed AD rings?
  3. The Palmlet: beating all the odds is this winner of a piece, which is a bracelet extending to a ring. Set against a golden finish the AD diamonds along with the beautiful concept, is a remarkable match.

These and many other varieties are waiting to be picked up behind your computer and phone screen windows. Pieces like these are rare, special and strike chords with those with an eye of distinction and come at prices which will make you jump and cart them there and then.

Image Source: Gold Plated American Diamond Two Tiered Ring
Image Source: Gold Plated American Diamond Two Tiered Ring

The Acsentials quote:
“Your dreams shine bright like a diamond when you carry some of it, in any form”

Therefore, while you weave a dream of an exquisite ring, do not miss out on the special range of AD rings at Acsentials. Check out our range of products at http://www.acsentials.com and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more exciting updates.


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