Advantages of Shopping Clutch Bags Through Online Websites

Every industry is struggling to bring something new to the consumers, and keep in track with the trend and fashion preferences. The industry that demands the most change is the fashion houses. With the new trends in outfits, the struggle to keep oneself up-to date has increased to great heights. The bags which were once purchased according to convenience now are a means to mark the style statement of the individual. From big spacious handbags or shoulder bags to the sling bags or clutch bags, the preferences of women have changed over time. To be specific, the clutch bags which are ruling the sales come in handy for parties or college students and sometimes even working women prefer them over the handbags. This strapless purse carried in hand goes well with every attire, Indian or Western. It holds stuff in a limited amount and size but serves the purpose when only a few important stuff needs to be carried.


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Another remarkable accessory defining the individual’s taste in fashion is the stylish range of watches. Watch, being an accessory that doesn’t take time to notice, and adorns the wrist elegantly. Teaming the watch with the clutch bag, one can rule the party or the race of being the most stylish. Well, having been decided what to purchase the next question that pops up is where to buy them. With a lot of malls and fashion houses, retail outlets in competition, the online merchandising is slowly capturing the market with its lucrative schemes.

It is as easy as logging into the social networking account and then availing its features hassle free. One only need to have an account, select what they desire and place the order. Below are some of the reasons why these clutch bags should be purchased online and not from any offline vendor.


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Saves time and money:

Shopping for bags doesn’t need much time or trials unlike shopping for clothes or shoes or other accessories. Also, clutch bags suit with almost every attire. In such cases, the travelling to the mall or the shop takes up most of the time and it ends up being wastage of money. People often travel from distant places and end up paying a lump sum amount on the transportation. With online shopping, the transportation cost is cut off and it saves a lot of time, serving the purpose well.


The offline vendors will never sell their product on credit, and after purchasing the product, the money never returns. The customer has to take the decision in a limited amount of time and sometimes decision made in haste may turn out to be a wrong choice. With the online shopping apps, the customer can take their own time and leisure in selecting the bag they desire and then get it delivered on the desired address. While some cities offer delivery in a couple of days, some deliveries from a distant producer might take time and the customer also gets the option of cancelling the order anytime before delivery without being charged for the same. There remains the option of getting the product delivered on cash on delivery too along with the option of card payments.

Easy return:

After purchasing the bag from the retail outlet if there happens to be any trouble with the product, the customer would have to travel again to the seller and then deal with all their return policy thus killing time and money again. For the online shopping, the return procedure is simple. The delivery person picks up the product from the door-step. Also they are flexible with the return in payment too. They either add it to the website’s cash back account or to the consumer’s bank account unlike the offline vendors which do not give the money back.

Compare prices:

As the online websites are transparent with the prices, the prices from other websites can be compared. And the best price can be availed which is likely not possible in offline merchandising because it isn’t possible to go around a large number of shops to compare the prices and moreover every mall basically offers the products at M.R.P. So the consumer knows if the clutch bag is worth the offered price or not.

Discounts throughout the year:

Everyone loves discounts and bags are not a very desirable accessory to spend a huge amount of money. To cater to this preference, online websites keep releasing sales and discount offers through most of the time of the year unlike the offline vendors which put out a nominal sale only occasionally.

New stock availability:

The clutch bags comes in different cuts and prints and styles too just like the hand bags and the online vendors make sure that their stock is up to date to cater to every customer unlike few offline shops which run out of stock and take a few days to update it again.

All brands at one place:

For all the fashion freaks, the online websites provide them with most of the leading brands at one place. The consumer can make sure that their clutch bag is stylish plus branded and at an affordable price. For offline shopping, one has to walk across different shops to get access to different brands. Few brands have their own online shopping websites too.

Customer feedback

After delivering the product, the online websites look forward to customer feedback and reply to their mails as soon as possible. For the offline vendors, they do welcome suggestions and feedbacks but do not work towards it instantly or get back to the customer with a few hours or days. Their customer feedback option still has certain loopholes which the online websites are catering to.

With all these lucrative features, online shopping for the clutch bag and stylish watch for women has grabbed the attention. With the busy schedule, women find it easy to order the clutch bag while being at office or at home or while travelling back from work or travelling to work. It hardly takes couple of minutes, and shopping gets only clicks away.

Acsentials is one of the online shopping website which offers trendy clutch bags and stylish watches for women along with other accessories. They have an up to date stock and are transparent payment system. Get shopping with the website through its official Facebook page.

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