What to wear for a New Year Party- a guide for woman

With New Year eve nearly approaching, everyone is planning to attend parties. And parties mean another opportunity to get dressed up beautifully. However, choosing an outfit and accessories matching with it is a tricky task. Great party attire mostly depends on two things- the clothes themselves and the accessories that make your attire complete. Here are few tips to ensure that you look at your best this New Year.
If it is a family get together, then you can wear a stylish grey skirt with a matching button down blouse and a pair of black flats. You can wear an American diamond ring or a pair of sapphire earrings with this formal attire. Another good option to wear for a New Year party with your family may be a pair of jeans with your favourite sweater. A simple gold necklace with a ruby might be the perfect way to wear with your jeans without making the outfit appears too ornate.
If there is a New Year party in an organised venue then to keep things slightly formal will be a smart idea. You can pick a black or red dress of your choice and match it with a pair of patent pumps. Putting on the right jewellery may be a pair of elegant diamond earrings will make your attire pop while keeping things stylish and classy.
Partying with friends is always fun, so if you want to hit the club with your friends this season ending, then a short dress and heels is all you need to look fabulous. Earrings and bangles can always be a good option to complete a fun outfit without having to overdo too much. 
Whatever may be your tradition this New Year, a bit of dazzle and glamour in your look is a must.
Please note: Do keep extra warm clothing with you. Its winter I guess!!!